Kate Gosselin: My Kids Will Be Shattered

Kate Gosselin: My Kids Will Be Shattered

Despite making it through the first four weeks of Dancing With The Stars, controversial mom Kate Gosselin and partner Tony Dolovani were voted off the show last night (April 21), reports Us Weekly. Gosselin, who definitely had a few serious supporters, spoke with Entertainment Tonight about her suspicion that this week would be her last, “I had a gut feeling and there was nothing making that gut feeling go away. Everyone deserves to move on, and I had a good run and am really thankful for the opportunity.”

Gosselin’s biggest supports, her eight children with ex Jon Gosselin may not take the news as well. Kate says the kids “will be upset, definitely. They will be shattered, in fact.” She also revealed that she will not allow them to watch the elimination episode, saying, “They’ll be OK. They’ll be glad to have me back. I’m thrilled to have been here and obviously going back to my kids is always a wonderful thing.”

Gosselin‘s new reality show Twist of Kate is expected to launch on TLC sometime this summer.

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  1. lila grace

    Its about time Kate got voted off hooray. Kate needs to spent time with her kids. But she chooses fame/money over her kids.

  2. Anonymous

    The kids will be shattered? Why because she got voted off Dancing with the Stars? Please….She needs to get them out of the limelight so they can live a normal life.

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah, at that age, their mom being kicked off of something IS a big deal to them. Yeah, she was a horrible dancer but she put herself out there and tried it. I’m glad for her sake that she’s off of DWTS – maybe now all the people who hate her so much (and have *probably* never met her to have such strong emotions….other than they have no life of their own) can aim their venom somewhere else and STHU.

  4. lola

    Yeah, she was a horrible dancer but she put herself out there and tried it. Whatever she tries hard for the money. She hardly with her kids and when she is with her kids she yells at them belittled them. She is a horrible mother point blank. I have no sympathy for Kate.

  5. Anonymous

    This woman is pathetic! Kate, you need to get a regular job and take care of your kids! You are NOT a celebrity! She is constantly looking for media attention!

  6. lila grace

    She can go back and get a nurse job. The job pays to low and less hours and she have to spent time with her kids instead of being in the limelight. She craves the media good or bad.

  7. Anonymous

    She is a horrible mother. I have never watched her on TV. When I see her on a TV program I change the channel. Yuck! Her kids should be taken away from her!

  8. Anonymous

    With Jon ordered to pay $22,000 a month in child support, she doesn’t really need to work at all. If she can’t manage to live on $264,000 dollars a year, then she has bigger problems than I thought. That’s more than 5 times my salary! I know a family with 10 kids that survives on less than that. She’s selfish and obsessed with being famous. She does what she does for herself, not her children.

  9. Anonymous

    Kate taught her kids the lesson that THERE IS NO NEED TO TRY WHEN YOU ARE A, OR PERCEIVE YOURSELF TO BE, A CELEBRITY. She is a worthless, do nothing, incubator or eight who only had kids so that she could pimp them out to support the lifestyle that she perceives herself as deserving.

  10. LaKesha

    WHATEVER, her children are well taken care of and will never know true abuse…there are worse things happening in your neighborhood, and probably your homes. She does what she must do to provide her children with the life that SHE wants them to have. Nothing more can be asked of any other parent!

  11. Anonymous

    What exactly is this woman famous for? Pumping out children? Who cares? She is a NOBODY and will always be a NOBODY! She is a very insecure person who is constantly looking for attention. I feel very sorry for her children. She obviously spends very little time with them. They are neglected!

  12. Anonymous

    “shattered”? – I think the only shattered feelings are Kate’s.

  13. Anonymous

    Kate is a poor excuse for a human being. She is not a singer, dancer, actress, comedian. She is NOT a celebrity. She is a mother! Stay home and take care of your children Kate!

  14. Anonymous

    Shattered? I just burst out laughing when I saw this. Gimme a break. This woman is so overly dramatic over the most ridiculous things! DSS should come in and take her neglected kids away from her and give them to someone who will take better care of them then this attention seeking moron!

  15. Anonymous

    Yes the kids are shattered….mommy dearest is coming home..

  16. Aliana

    I can’t imagine that they’d be shattered. Sure, they might be sad that she lost, but shattered?!

  17. Sophia

    This woman’s sense of perspective is shot.
    When I saw the headline “The kids will be shattered” I thought something awful must’ve happened to the family, but no, the heartbreaking tragedy that they have to endure is nothing more than Kate getting voted off Dancing With The Stars. And the kids “will be okay”? Well thank goodness for that! Who’d have thought they’d EVER recover from their mum leaving a show!? Seriously, what the hell.


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