The Jackson Karate Kids

The Jackson Karate Kids

The late Michael Jackson‘s three children – Prince, 13, Paris, 11 and Blanket, 8 – were seen leaving karate class in Los Angeles on Wednesday (April 21). All three of the Jackson kids left class holding a gadget.

We just spotted the trio leaving class last week with their upgraded yellow belts.

Last we heard, the Jackson kids are living at their grandmother, Katherine Jackson’s home.

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Photo credit: Fame

  • Anonymous

    It must be a WONDERFUL feeling to them that there father was a true legend! They are gorgeous and really are grown up..

  • Sarah G.

    Blanket’s so cute.

  • cemetreesc

    blanket is cute but he sort of looks like a girl with his long hair. i dont mean that in a mean way either just an observation.

  • Anonymous

    beautiful kids,i love them
    thanks for posting

  • sara j.

    Is it me or did these kids grow up overnight? Prince doesn’t even look like the same boy from MJ’s funeral. Anyways, I wish them nothing but happiness. They truly deserve it….

  • Hannah.J

    Blanket is looking more and more like his Dad Michael, such beautiful children Michael would be so proud of them.

    • Anonymous

      no he does not lol

  • dee

    can’t deny the fact that prince and blanket are michael’s boys….they are looking more and more like him.

  • andreea

    none of them are michael’s bio-kids.

    • cemetreesc

      actually blanket does really look like michael when he was younger if you made his skin darker and gave him shorter curlier hair.. i think paris kinda looks like debbie.

    • Peta

      Bio-kids or not, Michael was their father. Just having your sperm hit some woman’s egg isn’t enough to make you a father, in my opinion.

      • jay

        Well done you hit the nail on the head. All a father needs is LOVE and that is exactly what Michael (had) has for those 3 beautiful kids.

  • thanks finally a pix

    Michael was not a hero.. would you like other people to follow in his
    footsteps and lay down on their own bed.. and put a I.V of a illegal
    drug so that they can sleep… NO..11

    • Anonymous

      Michael is a true hero. You can not juzge that so easy. Doctor is guilty not Michael. He suffered so much pain, in body and soul, being stoning during all his life from media with lies. Cristina.

  • Anonymous


    What do you mean that non of the kids are his Bio-kids? Do you know something we don’t?

    Blanket is the picture of Michael Jackson when he was a child. Some people can’t get past the skin complexion and the straight hair. Prince and Paris is all Debbie. Paris is her clone.

    • Anonymous

      exactly U don’t know neither, blanket doesn’t look like MJ sorry neither his other two kids.

  • Anonymous

    They all look good – happy and healthy. To me, Paris looks exactly like her mother Debbie Rowe. I think that Prince looks exactly like that dermatologist (I think it is Dr. Arnold Klien?). Pretty hard to deny where their DNA came from for those two!

  • Lucy

    It amazes me that people say the kids aren’t Michaels, when the two boys look so much like him. You can also see a bit of him in Paris.
    Remember MJ also had white and American Indian ancestry.

  • Anonymous

    why are people keep on bragging about if these kids are mj’s or not???
    it doesn’t matter, mj brought them-up as his own, protected them, and most
    of all loved them unconditonal… provide everything for their future…
    what more proof anyone needs…..he is their “DADDY”, period.

  • mjfan4life

    they r so beautiful…they look jus like their father…..i kno they r great kids and they r getting so big!!! n i agree with anonymous

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