Celebrity Siblings: Who Has The Best Names?

Celebrity Siblings: Who Has The Best Names?

Congratulations again to Amanda Peet and hubby David Benioff on the birth of their second daughter Molly! We couldn’t help but notice how sweet the Benioff sisters sound together: Frankie and Molly. We can just picture them as young adults heading off on a road trip with scarves in their hair and not a care in the world. So sweet!

Let’s take a look at some other celeb sibling names. Whose names sound the best together?

  • Frankie & Molly
  • Harlow & Sparrow
  • Kingston & Zuma
  • Violet & Seraphina
  • Poppy, Daisy & Petal
  • Rumer, Scout & Tallulah
  • Max & Emme
  • Sean & Jayden
  • Kori & Kaleb
  • Kai & Stellan
  • Cal & Liv
  • Charlie & Tennyson
  • Ruby & Otis
  • Max & Blakesley
  • Max & Bob
  • Malia & Sasha
  • Presley & Kaia
  • Sam & Lola
  • Jaden & Willow
  • Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox & Vivienne
  • Dolly & Charlie
  • Leni, Henry, Johan & Lou
  • Sasha & Kai
  • Lola & Luci
  • Caspar & Clementine
  • Ava & Deacon
  • Sam & Charlie
  • Levi & Vida
  • Ella, Michael, Brendan & Grace
  • Jax & Jaid
  • Apple & Moses
  • Isabella & Gia
  • Prince, Paris & Blanket
  • Story & Easton
  • Jesse & Journey
  • Junior & Princess Tiaamii
  • Brooklyn, Romeo & Cruz
  • Eden & Savannah
  • Sadie & Sunny
  • Poet & Jagger
  • Rowan & Grier
  • Connor, Isabella & Suri
  • Connor, Isabella & Sunday
  • Liam & Stella
  • Oscar & Ava
  • Rafferty, Iris & Rudy
  • Luca, Lola, Fiona
  • Hazel, Finn & Henry
  • Hermés & Helena
  • Landon & Alabama
  • Lourdes, Rocco, David & Mercy
  • Mason & Brady
  • Brandon & Dylan
  • James Wilkie, Loretta & Tabitha

Whose names sound the best together?

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  1. Anonymous

    Sam & Lola
    Eden & Savannah
    James Wilkie, Marion & Tabitha

  2. courtney

    Sibling names that sound better for me:

    Rafferty, Iris and Rudy , they are classy and old fashioned, a great match.

    Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox & Vivienne: the boys’ names all ending in X, and the girls name exotic and musical.

    Ruby & Otis

    Oscar & Ava

    Story & Easton

    Lanon & Alabama

  3. Anonymous

    I think Harlow & Sparrow should be up there they are my favorites.

  4. Jenny

    Good call Anon!

  5. Anonymous

    Sibling names sound better for me:

    Violet & Serafina, angelic and classic roots, this duet sounds like a step on a cloud
    Caspar & Clementine (even if I don’t like this girl name), with C in commun
    Isabella & Gia, latin roots with pep’s.
    Poet & Jagger, the most original with music theme
    Rowan & Grier (Even if i’m not a fan of Rowan), because I love Grier very much
    Hermès & Helena, like Violet & Serafina
    Brandon & Dylan, too simply and why not.

  6. Kathy

    While I’m not a big fan of the name Otis, I still think Ruby & Otis has a certain ring to it. Also love the sound of Frankie & Molly and Rafferty, Iris & Rudy, although again, not that fond of the individual names.

  7. Alley

    Eden & Savannah
    Hermés & Helena
    Violet & Seraphina
    Max & Emme
    Really beautiful names

  8. Blackrose

    Sunday Rose should be there with Isabella and Connor

  9. Anonymous

    definetly King and Zuma !!!

  10. CDionFan21

    Liv and Caleb Freundlich for sure! They are so sweet to each other!

  11. CDionFan21

    Oh and for sure James, Tabitha and Loretta!!

  12. Anonymous

    even though they’re not on the list, i like justin chambers (dr. karev from greys anatomy) kids names: isabella, maya, kaila, eva & jackson :-)

  13. Anonymous

    Violet & Seraphina
    Max & Emme
    Sam & Lola
    Sam & Charlie
    Isabella & Gia
    Eden & Savannah
    Liam & Stella
    Mason & Brady

  14. rachel

    Prince, Paris and Blanket i like the most because they all have meaning to their names and i understand the meanings of the names too because michael jackson was a king so he needed to have a prince to carrying on in the music world and paris was name after the city and thats where she was conceive too and blanket mean a blanket of love thats how michael explain it

  15. J.D.

    Even though I don’t necessarily like the names, Poppy, Daisy and Petal definitely has a ring to it. Some other personal favorites are:

    Harlow and Sparrow
    Ava and Deacon
    Sam and Charlie
    Mason and Brady
    Liam and Stella
    Rowan and Grier

  16. Anonymous

    Rumer, Scout & Tallulah
    Brooklyn, Romeo & Cruz
    Rowan & Grier
    Rafferty, Iris & Rudy
    Hermes & Helena

  17. AnnieK

    Frankie & Molly; Harlow & Sparrow; Violet & Seraphina; Poppy, Daisy & Petal; and Sasha & Malia are all really lovely and cute. Not too off the wall but cute as a pair and lovely names separately, too. And just because it’s not on the list, I want to say Kai & Stellan (Connelly-Bettany).

  18. nanpan

    My favorite “set” is Isabella and Gia.

  19. Anonymous

    Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox & Vivienne

  20. Anonymous

    I’m not really a fan of Adam Sandler but
    Sade & Sunny just flow together

  21. Anonymous

    Violet & Seraphina
    Max & Emme
    Sean & Jayden
    Leni, Henry, Johan & Lou
    Caspar & Clementine
    Sam & Charlie
    Isabella & Gia
    Jesse & Journey
    Sadie & Sunny
    Rowan & Grier
    Liam & Stella
    Luca, Lola, Fiona
    Hermés & Helena

  22. Anonymous

    Where is the Presley Gerber ?

  23. carolyn

    So many good ones to choose from!

    Eden & Savannah sound so pretty together, and Violet & Seraphina are great, too.

    I can’t wait to hear what Jools & Jamie Oliver name their next babe!

  24. Anonymous

    I don’t like any of those names, period.

  25. nicoleC

    Dolly & Charlie

  26. Katrin

    Cash and Enzo – sons of Annabeth Gish.

  27. Katrin

    Cash and Enzo – sons of Annabeth Gish.

  28. Carla

    What about: Sahteene, Orlando and Athena (Laetitia Casta) ?

  29. Carla

    ….or: Lucas, Neva and Victor (natalia vodianova)

  30. Natalie

    SJP’s little ones are Marion and Tabitha….not Loretta. x

  31. Anonymous

    they call her Loretta, her middle name :D

  32. Anonymous

    Ava & Deacon !!!!!!!

  33. Ellie

    Tallulah, Darby and Sullivan :)

  34. Bella

    Presley & Kaia;)

  35. One Two

    Levi & Vida aren’t up there. :-]

  36. anonymous

    -Brooklyn, Romeo, & Cruz
    -Violet & Seraphina

    all such cute names and they sound really good together!

  37. joyjuju

    Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox & Vivienne

  38. rocsta86

    brooklyn,romeo and cruz! like kingston but not zuma,the name not da kid!

  39. Georgie ♥

    My top 5:
    1. Liam & Stella
    2. Mason & Brady
    3. Maddox, Pax, Zahara,Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne
    4. Dolly & Charlie
    5. Oscar & Ava

  40. luny

    john & benjamin are not up there (tom brady’s boys)

  41. luny

    sparrow & harlow
    brandon & dylan
    are the coolest names

  42. Anonymous

    Ava and Deacon for sure. Both a beautiful names and are classic. Plus the kids are just so darn cute!

  43. Anonymous

    My best names:
    1. Kingston & Zuma
    2. Violet & Seraphina
    3. Ruby & Otis
    4. Oscar & Ava
    5. Brooklyn, Romeo & Cruz
    6. Lola & Lucy

  44. Andreea

    Harlow & Sparrow – best names ever!!!!

  45. redfishbluefish

    Sam & Lola. Adorable and simple :]

  46. Anonymous

    What about Natalia and Gianna Bryant (Kobe’s girls). I love those names together.

  47. Sophia

    Kingston and Zuma
    Violet and Seraphina
    Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne
    Rowan and Grier
    Poppy, Daisy and Petal
    Rumer, Scout and Tallulah
    Ruby and Otis
    Luca, Lola and Fiona
    Rafferty, Iris, Rudy, Sophia and Finlay (I think the last two should be included, anyway!)
    Hazel, Finn and Henry
    Sasha and Kai
    Kai and Stellan
    Sadie and Sunny

    And you left a few out. I mean, if Isabella and Connor are going to be put up there with Sunday and Suri, you might as well put up all half-siblings. Daisy with Kingston and Zuma; Cristian and Ryan with Max and Emme; Cassie with Sam and Lola/Max and Bob; Trey with Jaden and Willow; Harvey with Junior and Princess Tiaamii; Jack with Liam and Stella; Atiana with Landon and Alabama…
    But, nevertheless, I love this post :)

  48. Sophia

    Aaaand here are some more siblings you could maybe think about adding to the list?
    Ryder and Cheyenne
    Ming, Aoki and Kenzo
    Chandler, Jesse and Sunny
    Ben and Megan
    Dylan and Paris
    Francois, Mathilde and Valentina
    Mathilda, Roman and Adele
    Georges and Juliana
    Skylar, True and Olivia
    Grace and Finn
    Sam, Aquinnah, Schuyler and Esme
    Luke, Grace, Isabelle and Max

    …I guess this list could go on “forever”, so I don’t blame you for not putting them all up. I’m just bored haha.

  49. Haper

    What about Patrick Dempsy’s son’s – I love those names
    Darby Galen and Sullivan Patrick

  50. Anonymous

    Preston & Jayden

    (yes his name is Preston, not Sean).
    I deffinantly like their names and both babies

  51. Anonymous

    Benjamin and John aka jack are missing

  52. Angelique

    1. Willow and Jaden
    2. Kobes Girls( Natalia and Gianna) shuld be up their 2

  53. Kim

    Frankie and Molly = so cute!


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