Jessica Alba’s Grocery Girl

Jessica Alba's Grocery Girl

Fantastic Four star Jessica Alba and her 1 1/2-year-old daughter Honor were spotted grocery shopping at Whole Food in New York City on Thursday (April 22).

Jessica traveled to Washington the day before to speak at the 1GOAL: Education for All campaign.

Having my daughter put my life into perspective. If there’s any way I can contribute to giving a voice to women and children so they can have more opportunities and a better chance at life, I will. I am so grateful to be in the position that I’m in.”

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  1. Sarah G.

    Honor is so gorgeous.

  2. Anonymous

    I feel bad for her…did they actually follow her into the store and take pictures of her grocery shopping??? Must be sooo annoying!

  3. Andreea

    yeah, pore jessica :(.. i feel bad for her too

  4. Leahmomto4n1more

    loveeeeee whole food

  5. Moriah

    OMG! The girl behind her needs to cool it on the makeup.

  6. Leah

    Honor is Cash’s mini me. I feel like she’s going to start looking more like Jessica as soon as she gets a bit older.

  7. Anonymous

    beAutiful little girl…

  8. Shaz

    @ Moriah

    I agree, what’s up with the make up on the girl behind jess, those painted eyebrows need to go.

  9. Sophia

    I thought that girl behind her was Amy Adams for a split second haha.
    That make-up is… wow.
    Honor is adorable :)


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