Kim Kardashian Says Mason “Is The Happiest Baby”

Kim Kardashian Says Mason "Is The Happiest Baby"

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian took to her blog this morning to share a sweet picture of herself with 4-month-old nephew Mason. The proud aunt says Mason is an angel:

Mason is the happiest baby! There are no words to describe how much I love my little Mason! Isn’t he gorgeous?”

Mason’s mama is Kim’s big sister, Kourtney Kardashian.

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Photo credit: Kim Kardashian website

  • heather

    So cute! I bet he is really happy. He probably always has someone smiling and cooing at him with all of their family and friends around. (and I mean that in a good way!)

  • Anonymous

    it would like being raised by drag queens…look at how much makeup she has on…uuurgh!

    • Lori J

      You all are so negative, They do not look like Drag queens. You all are just jealous because there beautiful and famous. I wear makeup to. Always have. I dont need it though, I just like it. To each his own. There beauty is natural, if you watched the show you would know that. People that put people down obviously have a deep issue with in themselves. Maybe you should get help!

  • Anonymous

    And she would know about babies, how? She clearly enjoys the attention she gets from having “her Mason.” I am wondering how she finds the time to apply the make-up- when she is so busy with her nephew. She is so fake. I would be scared if I were a baby laying on my back lookling up at THAT trash.

    • Lori J

      OMG! You are so negative whoever you are. Negativity never got you anywhere in this world. Your just jealous that they have fame and you don’t. And that they are all gorgeous. They are beautiful with or without makeup, if u watch the show you would know that. Get Real!!!

    • Lori J

      lookling, get your spelling right. :))))))

  • Sereneheaven

    He really is adorable :3
    and I will never understand why people keep going on about Kim, she seems like a nice enough woman…

  • Lori J

    awww! He is so adorable. I bet he is a happy little guy, i mean look who his aunts and mommy is. The Kardashian sisters. I have a little grandson Keegan who is the happiest little guy to. I love him so and he is so adorable to. He started walking when he was about 10 mnths old to. You should look at his pics on my facebook page you will agree! Lori Johnson Lanning is my facebook page.

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