Sarah Jessica Parker & James Wilke: Hat Happy

Sarah Jessica Parker & James Wilke: Hat Happy

Sarah Jessica Parker and her color-coordinated cutie James Wilke, 7, were all smiles as they made their way to school in New York this morning (April 27).

The 45-year-old Sex and the City star recently revealed to the UK’s Closer magazine that she and her hubby Matthew Broderick, who are also parents to 10-month-old twins Tabitha and Loretta, may yet add to their brood – though she’s wary of facing further criticism for going the surrogacy route again.

I don’t know if we’re finished having children. I know that we’re lucky that we could afford that particular option, but we encouraged each other to explore all options. I suppose the only courage it takes is to not listen to people who find it objectionable. And there are those.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • CDionFan21

    Aww I wish them all the best if they want to expand their gorgeous family!!

  • DC

    Wow! Look how skinny she is. I’ve never noticed this. I’ve seen people who were no longer living with hands/arms looking that way. That can’t be natural (you know, some people are naturally really skinny but not THAT skinny).

  • Robyn

    I don’t think they were criticized for going the surrogate route; I think she was criticized for going off to shoot a movie the week after they came home. Completely different issue.

  • AJ

    What I find objectionable is her leaving her newborns for several months. How can you do that? Newborns need to bond with their mothers, the first year is very crucial.

  • Anonymous

    my arms and hands look like that and I am very much alive…its genetic…in fcat I look quite a lot like SJP body wise and I do little exercise and so on…its just a wiry body type. I am sure she, like me, wishes she was a bit more athletic and less veiny but you work with what you get given hey?

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