Jerry O’Connell & His Barefoot Babes

Jerry O'Connell & His Barefoot Babes


Hands-on dad Jerry O’Connell toted his gorgeous 16-month-old twin girls, Dolly and Charlie, to an indoor playground in Los Angeles on Thursday (April 29). The Stand By Me actor went casual in a fire department zip up sweater, while the girls went barefoot.

The girls’ mother is Jerry’s wife of nearly 3 years, model and actress Rebecca Romijn.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • carolyn

    These girls are just beautiful! What a cute shot. :)

  • Anonymous

    Cute kids! I sure hope that vest isn’t a real fur pelt. I imagine that they both have compassion and knowledge of the fur industry. :)

  • Anonymous

    They are too cute! The one on the left looks like Rebecca and the other one looks like Jerry!

  • Anonymous

    they are both adorable! it’s funny when you look closely they both have the same nose eyes and mouth yet one (dolly) looks exactly like rebecca and charlie looks like jerry!!! soo funny but very cute

  • Anonymous

    Always looks like a hands on dad. Cute!!!

  • nicoleC

    they are so pretty
    looks like a doll !!!
    and who is dolly?? the pink t shirt one?

  • kay

    love seeing pics of Jerry and his girls…they’re gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Awwww. He seems like such a proud papa lol.

  • Kati

    Dolly and Charlie are just adorable little girls! And Jerry is one proud papa! It´s true that Dolly looks more like Rebecca and Charlie looks like Jerry. Love to see Jerry out with his two cuties.

  • Sophia

    Am I right in saying that Dolly is the one with the pink shirt and Charlie is the one with the vest? I can never remember, but I’m PRETTY sure I have it this time. They’re both adorable, and I love how Charlie (?) looks like Rebecca and Dolly (?) looks like Jerry.

  • Anonymous

    Does their mother never take them anywhere? It’s always dad these days. I guess he has the muscles for toting them around! They all look very happy here :)

  • catvomite

    i also hope its not real fur but they seem pretty intelligent so im sure its fake.
    those two are so beautiful and cute i love seeing new pictures of them!

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one who thinks the right one is bigger then the left one?
    They are adorable though!

  • Anonymous

    wow! that’s funny!! you guys are right, the one on the left looks EXACTLY like her and the one on the right looks EXACTLY, and i mean EXACTLY like him….nose, mouth, little turned down eyes, little bit darker hair, EVERYTHING!!!

    it’s just uncanny! and the one on the left that looks like Rebecca has her shaped lips, her eyes, and the lighter (slightly) blonde hair.

    it must have been really lfriggin windy though because there isn’t a shot of them without their eyes all squinted and looking all wind blown.

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