Trista Sutter: Blakesley “Loved” Her First Birthday Party

Trista Sutter Describes Blakesley's Alice In Wonderland 1st Birthday Party

Happy birthday Blakesley Grace Sutter!

To help celebrate the first birthday of Bachelorette alums Ryan and Trista Sutter‘s daughter, friends and family enjoyed an Alice in Wonderland-themed party, held April 3 at the Sonnenalp Resort in Vail, Colorado.

Trista opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the birthday bash that she planned with Natalie Klein of the Hot Moms Club. The party included everything from custom-made cookies from Edible Gifts Plus, to a candy bar and Chadwick Bay apple juice, to customized invitations by Tiny Prints, to personalized loot bags with Mabel’s Labels.

Click below to read what Blakesley and big brother Max, 2½, loved about the party…

CBS: How was Blakeley’s first birthday party? We hear it was an Alice in Wonderland theme. Is that her favorite?

TS: “It was great! No…she actually has no idea who Alice is, but I was inspired by a movie poster I saw and since Max had a “land” kinda theme (his 1st birthday was a Candyland theme), I figured she should have her own “land” as well. Besides, I knew she would look adorable in an Alice inspired dress by Miss Things Boutique.

CBS: What was her favorite part of the party?

TS: “Since she’s only saying a few words right now, I can’t know for sure, but my mommy intuition tells me that her favorite part was having everyone there sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her. She loved it!”

CBS: Who were her guests?

TS: “We had 26 kids there who are either good friends, Max’s buddies from school, or neighbors. It was a packed house, but from what I could tell, everyone really enjoyed themselves.”

CBS: Did big brother Max have a great time too? What did he like best about the party?

TS: “Max had so much fun and without a nap, that’s saying a lot! I would say that his favorite part was jumping onto my dad in the pillows with his buddies Knox and Annie.”

CBS: We hear there were custom-made cookies that read “A Very Merry Unbirthday” – please explain.

TS: “Yes, and they fit perfectly with our Wonderland theme, being that we wanted to focus on the tea party portion of the movie. We also had yummy cookies that said “eat me” too, and had they not had wrapping on them, Blakesley would’ve devoured them herself! We also had delicious Petit Fours, all by Edible Gifts Plus.

CBS: We hear the guests received goody bags from Jewels and Pinstripes, OK! and Hot Moms Club. What were some of the favorite items?

TS: “OMG! Everyone was so excited about the goody bags…me included! Jewels and Pinstripes did a fabulous job (as they always do!) putting them together. I would say a couple of the favorite items are the gift certificates to Stride Rite, the bag itself which was a monogrammed quilted duffle from Stephen Joseph, and the plates (that said “eat me”), cups (that said “drink me”), and T-shirts (that said “squeeze me”) from Em Tanner Designs.

CBS: How has Blakesley’s first year been? Different than Max’s first year? Easier? More hectic with both the kids?

TS: “Blakesley’s first year has been the best year of my life. It is definitely more hectic, but that’s the nature of it all…add another person, albeit tiny, to the mix and the juggling act gets a bit more chaotic. I do have to say that even though it is a bit harder, it is also more filled with love and laughter, and for that, it is worth it…a million times over!”

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Photo credit: Cara Leonard for exclusive use on CBS

  • rachel s

    that bow on the baby’s head looks so weird and out of place. I wonder what she used to get it to stick….. gorilla glue?

    • Avonymous

      ha! that’s exactly what i was gonna say!

  • shk

    Maybe a glue dot? It’s awful!

  • H

    My daughter’s a little baldie too but if I tried to stick a bow on her head like that she would rip it off. It can be hard to tell which sex a baby is at that age but I stick with flowers, pink and purple to help people out. One day my husband dressed her in blue and brown and I spent the whole day telling people she was a girl.

  • nanpan

    I agree. It’s absurd to stick a bow onto a bald head

  • Anonymous

    OMG. I was soooooooooo about to comment about that bow. That’s ridiculous! Why not just use a garter or something? Wow. That looks CRAZY! lol

  • catvomite

    hey i was gonna comment on the bow too! because she fricken sticks that thing on the babys forehead and it looks RETARDED

  • Anonymous

    What a great commercial, so many great products!

  • nosoupforyou

    Please ditch the word “retarded” as an insult. It is immature and demeans disabled people.

    I am a social worker and just got back from the Special Olympics in my town. It was fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    First birthdays should be kept simple…a one-year old does not realize it is his/her birthday and thus it’s a waste to do something extravagant like this! This party is cute but better-suited for an older child who can really appreciate it.

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I feel that a child’s birthday, be it their 1st or their 7th, should be how YOU want it done, not what everyone else thinks. If you have the money to throw an extravagant party THROW THE EXTRAVAGANT PARTY! Congratulations on your beautiful children!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE their daughter’s name! (BTW, I also agree with the poster about the word “retarded’, so uncalled for.)

  • Anonymous

    that is the tackiest bow! can’t buy class!

  • Anna

    The bow is ridiculous but the worst thing is how she is using her daughter’s birthday to make/save money. She advertised the party on CBB and now here. ugh

  • Georgie ♥

    Personally, I would have been able to tell Blakesley was a little girl without that ridiculous bow in her hair.

  • Francesca

    Looks like a bug landed on her head….poor thing.

  • Anonymous

    The use of the word “retarded” takes the cake as being the most ignorant and classless comment on this site.

    …But another thing that I find annoying (much less so, though) is women who get all offended and defensive if someone dares to mistake their baby girl for a boy. All you have to say is, ‘oh, she’s a girl,’ and move on. Why get so pissy and go through such extremes to proclaim the sex of your child to every stranger you pass? Maybe people just ask if it’s a boy or girl to make a little conversation — I doubt that they really care which it is. It’s a baby — something to be cherished and adored no matter what sex it is!

  • Anonymous

    she is not advertising her daughter’s birthday these online blogs reached out to her. She did not reach out to them. get your facts straight and don’t judge someone for having opportunities. Also please notice the “other kids” at the party were age appropriate for the activities. A first birthday is for the guests so this is age appropriate and GORGEOUS!!! way to go Trista.. purely beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree with you, anonymous. I just don’t get people being offended if someone mistakes their baby for the wrong gender. Babies look the same no matter what sex they are. It’s just the way it is, and nothing to be uptight about.

  • Anonymous

    in some cultures the first and 60th birthday is the most important b/c of the mortality rate in newborns as well as the elders. i actually threw my son a huge first…and you know what? it wasn’t about me or his dad…we wanted to throw this for our son b/c that was how much of a blessing he is to us. we wanted to show and express it by inviting many people and welcoming them to celebrate that with us. so…that just too bad that you don’t want to do that for your children.

  • Anonymous

    and another thing…it doesn’t have to cost a lot. and the bonus in the celebration is that you’ll prob make at least 2/3 in gifts/money…that would go towards his future.

  • catvomite

    you people are overreacting

  • Anonymous

    Those bows for bald babies stick with a little dab of KY jelly and come right off with a tiny bit of water. Many people think they’re adorable and a great way to make bald little girls look all dolled up without the discomfort of a band around their head. Is it really that big of a deal? Relax, people.

    • Anonymous

      Big deal? No. Looks dumb? Hell yeah. ha ha And who would put ky jelly on a child’s head? Now THAT is odd to me. And yes it’s a big deal. lol

  • Auntie

    Um, I do have to agree about the bow. And, evidently she’s teething so there is a chance she may get her hands on it and eat it.

  • Sophia

    Lol at all these comment being about the bow.
    These two make b-eautiful babies. Max and Blakesley are completely adorable :)

  • Anonymous

    The name Blakesley is hokey, contrived, and GUH-ross, but I’ll bet someone thought it was Klassy.

    • Anonymous

      100% agree

  • relax

    actually to the two anonymous posters above me blakesley is her moms maiden name. trista didnt make it up to look and sound “klassy” plus its her daughter so she can name her whatever she like so RELAX

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