Guess Who Revealed: Luci Bonfiglio

Guess Who Revealed: Luci Bonfiglio

It’s Luciana “Luci” Bella Bonfiglio!

The adorable 10-month-old daughter of Carnie Wilson and Rob Bonfiglio was spotted in her sun hat and riding toy in Los Angeles on Thursday (April 29), while mama chatted with a friend outside of Mates Studios.

Carnie recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about baby Luci.

Luci is stunning! She’s moving very quickly. Yesterday we were playing on the nursery floor and she picked herself up on her daddy’s legs and stood up. I don’t know about other babies, but that is faster than Lola! I was screaming ‘Yay Luci’ and she was clapping and saying ‘Yay!’ The development is just amazing. Luci is really sweet. I’m so in love, again, of course!”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • kelstar

    Carnie Wilson’s daughter???

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s Jamie Lynn Spear’s daughter Maddie Briann!

    • Anonymous

      Maddie will be 2 in June.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, I made a mistake. It can’t be Maddie Briann because she already turns 2 in June. I think it’s Carnie Wilson’s younger daughter Luciana.

  • Lori

    I think it is Sunny Sandler

  • Anonymous

    Carnie Wilson’s daughter, Luciana

  • Marilyn

    Carnie Wilson’s daughter, Lucy.

  • Anonymous

    yeah it’s definitely luciana. if you look closely at her diaper bag, it says ‘luciana’ in little white letters :-)

    • J.D.

      Good eye! I agree that it’s Luciana.

  • CDionFan21

    Loretta Broderick?

  • Anonymous

    Sunny Sandler

  • Anna

    It’s one of the Broderick twins maybe Marion

  • alexa

    Luciana bella

  • Anonymous

    Carnie Wilson’s daughter Luciana

  • Anonymous

    Maddie Aldridge

  • catvomite

    that is carnie wilsons younger daughter luciana

  • Julianna

    I’m sure is maddie but she looks so little ! and This car is Jayden’s car !

  • Anonymous

    Not sure but I do know that she needs to lose some saddens me to see so many infants/young toddlers already so overweight…

    • LLove

      If you said exactly what you just said in my physical presence, I would punch you in the babymaker. No lie. You should not be having children with that kind of mentality. Yes, obesity is an important issue and it’s important for people to be HEALTHY, not “thin”, but healthy. But, this is a baby you are talking about, she is not even a year old yet. I am sure others would agree with me, but I love chubby babies! They are just the cutest! It would be strange to see a super skinny baby and I am pretty damn sure that would be very dangerous, if not fatal, for a young baby/infant.

      Basically, go get your tubes tied.

  • Anonymous

    k, well, when i saw the pic, my guess was carnie wilson’s youngest daughter. then i saw other ppl made the same guess. then i saw the comment about the name embroidered on the bag.

    so my decision is clinched, luciana bonfiglio (if that’s her last name, i’m not sure, but you know who i mean.)

  • Hannah.J

    Carnie Wilson’s youngest daughter Luciana Bella.

  • lynn

    i think it’s Carnie Wilson’s daughter Luciana (Lucy).

  • Heather

    That is for sure Carnie Wilsons daughter!! She is so cute!!

  • Sophia

    Deeeeeefinitely Luciana Bonfiglio. Cutie!

  • Anonymous

    Carnie Wilson is one lazy fat slob. She rather eat and eat. then make pretend she wants to lose the weight instead of being serious and getting healthy. Usually fat women like her with obviously poor eating habits pass it on to their kids and i do believe that should be considered abuse. Look how her daughter is already chunky. That’s not cute. I feel sorry for that little girl and her other kids because Carnie wilson no doubt will pass on her horrible eating habits to her kids.

    • Anonymous

      exactly…thanks for your honesty. a previous poster told me to get my tubes tied- well, thanks, no planning on having more kids. I am blessed with healthy and gorgeous twin boys! and yes, they are half european, half american and yes, they are not as chubby as a LOT of american kids are. it amazes me that this culture thinks that it’s cute to have a chubby babby. no, it;s not, it’s not healthy. babies and toddlers need to healthy and need to have some fat but no need for rolls and rolls of fat. what for? seriously, what for? do you think that it’s normal that all kids that i know wear clothing 2-3 sizes ahead of their age? at 18 months, my boys are thin and tall and wear 12-18 months clothes- our friends and aquantances’ kids of the same age wear 18-3T! cut the fat, it’s not cute on anybody. let’s create a healthier environment for our children.

      • Lucia R

        At this point, being chubby IS NOT unhealthy for that child. She is not that overweight.

        You want to talk about wearing sizes bigger than you are supposed to? My daughter was wearing size nine month clothes when she was BORN. I am a completely healthy weight. She was just meant to be bigger. She was bigger her entire first year of life and then thinned up a bit once she started to become mobile. It was nothing I did that cause her to be 10 pounds 3 ounces at birth. The doctors did tests to see if I should be induced early, but the fact was that she just wasn’t ready and she was came on her own, still over two weeks early. I did nothing different than I did with my pregnancies with my other children. She was just supposed to be like that. And she was perfect.

        It is people like you that cause people to become anorexic. This child is growing up in the spotlight. You may think she should be thinner, but when she is a teenager and goes through the stage that every girl goes through where they wonder if they should be thinner, these posts will still be available for Luciana to view. And she will look at them and say that people thought she was ugly even when she was one year old.

        And it could destroy her.

        Please be mindful of what you say. Not everyone wears the sizes that they are “supposed” to wear. Not everyone is ABLE to wear the sizes they are supposed to wear. In fact, I NEVER give newborn clothes at baby showers. Or even 0-3 months. Because do you know how many babies actually fit into those clothes? Very few.

        What do you think women should wear, a size zero?

        • Anonymous

          there is a difference between chubby and fat..fat is not good at any an adult, you can have issues with your joints, atherosclerosis that can lead to heart attacks, strokes, etc. It’s not healthy for children, either. if you look back a american people in the 50s, 60s and maybe even 70s, people were thinner because they eat better and took better care of themselves.

          I don’t think that women should be size zero, not at all. I am not. But you know, I take care of my body and my childrens’. I do not give them milk with hormones, meat with hormones, etc- all those things have led to bigger and bigger people and children in this country.

          No matter what, I do not think that it’s normal for a newborn to wear anything bigger than size 0-3 months! Ih they do, I would wonder what the parent eat during the pregnancy and what congenital things may be going on with the child.

          Anyways, we’ll never agree…but just go travel the world a little and you’ll see what I mean about kids being too fat in this country…

          • LLove

            THANK U Lucia R! Geez, you don’t think it’s strange and also depressing that you hve this idea of beauty because you, Miss Thing have traveled the world and think everyone is meant to look one way? Doesn’t that sound contradicting?? Look, I am mixed and have traveled quite a bit myself, and I have learned that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder as corny as that sounds. I AGREED that obesity is a problem, I said it’s important to be HEALTHY and not go about unhealthy ways just so you can be thin because that is what is supposed to be beautiful.I have seen plenty of chubby babies and they are perfectly healthy and happy. And she is a BABY, all they do is eat sleep and poop. They don’t exercise to keep fit. What I am trying to say is, not everyone is built or looks the same. Some people are built a little bigger and some are naturally thin…I myself am trying to gain weight since I’ve lost 60 lbs due to an illness…

            I agree with you that I have seen many young children that have weight issues, but I really do think this baby girl here is too young to be considered in that category. Wait until she is about 3 when she is growing into her own person. And I do think, and hope, that Carnie Wilson makes sure her kids eat and maintain a healthy lifestyle since she has first hand experienced the consequences otherwise.

  • Marilyn

    I’m pretty sure it hereditary at her age (her chubbiness) but if she eats right, maybe she won’t be overweight later in life.

  • Anonymous

    When did Celebrity baby blog become such a catfight?? It’s like star magazine has took over the website. Stop attacking one another. She is chubby hopefully it’s just cute baby fat, and I’m assuming her Mother feeds her Children healthy, even if she may not be healthy herself yet.

    As for the woman who posted ” get your tubes tied”..& “I would punch you in the babymaker. No lie.”..what the hell is your problem?? I hope you don’t have Children, god forbid they say something wrong to you that you do not agree with!

  • What the….

    To anonymous – you said your kids are “half european and half american”. HUH? What does that mean? They were either born there or here, which is it?

  • Anonymous

    Ok I had originally posted about Carnie Wilson being a fat slob and then Anonymous responded to my post basically agreeing with me. This comment is in response to Lucia R. Please do not use the good ole “it’s people like you that make people become anorexic.” I think this excuse is used so much to the point where it’s essentially funny everytime I hear it. Who is saying that Carnie Wilson or any woman for that matter needs to be a size zero?! certainly not me. I have followed her career because I used to be a fan and so from what I’ve observed she’s always complaining about her weight and then supposedly trying to lose weight but then always regaining all the weight she lost and then some. She herself had said that she was unhealthy and spoke of all the negative repercussions of her being overweight has dealt her body and physical well being. So in the age of Biggest Loser which shows that basically even the biggest person can lose the weight and get healthy and keep it off then what’s her problem? She has access to nutritionist, the best personal trainers, personal cooks and still. That’s why I call her lazy. AT this point what else would it take for her to decide that she is going to lose the weight and keep it off. In a way i feel like every couple years she goes on this weightloss journey just for attention or to stay relevant.
    And also tell me if i’m wrong but have you not seen that 99% of the time when the parents are overweight the kids end up growing overweight because of the parents’ unhealthy eating habits. Have you never seen a family walking down the street where the mother is as big as a house and the child is not too far behind in size? You would hardly see a lean, fit mom and her child is overweight. Highly unlikely. I’m just saying that her laziness will be detrimental to her kids’ health because obviously she’s not eating healthy. But no one is to blame for anyone becoming anorexic. That’s just an excuse to me that people LIKE YOU use to justify others not wanting to get thin or healthy but to continue eating unhealthy. So you would much rather a young girl to continue eating unhealthy of fear that she may develop an obsession with begin thin and become anorexic. so in other words is better for her to die of heart disease than from starvation? How about her not dying at all and becoming an healthy woman.
    And to the Anonymous who agreed with me earlier I too must say that my kids are also tall and thin and wear age appropriate clothes because I’m not constantly feeding them junk food like some other parents I know.

  • Anonymous

    Lucia R.: If your baby weighed over 10 lbs at birth you are likely diabetic or pre-diabetic. My grandfather was a well known OB/GYN and he shared this information with me. It means that your body could not process the sugars correctly and they “spilled over” to your unborn child. It is not normal or healthy for a baby (especially a baby born two weeks early) to be so large at birth. I’m glad to hear your baby is doing so well now!

    To the rest of you…please don’t be so critical of a chubby baby. I’m sure she’ll grow out of it. She’s adorable!

  • Fleurville

    We love that Lucy’s diaper bag is our Fiesta Flower Sling Tote!!

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