Jennifer Garner Gives Back

Jennifer Garner Gives Back

Mom-of-two Jennifer Garner looked gorgeous this morning as she stopped by CBS’ The Early Show to chat about a cause near and dear to her: Her work with Save the Children, a non-profit organization that aims to help kids living in poverty (April 30).

Explaining that her daughters Violet, 4, and Seraphina, 1, serve as her inspiration, the Valentine’s Day star said, “I think that kids inspire you to do everything you can. You want to be a great role model. But you don’t need to be inspired to help other kids. You don’t have to be a mom. You just see other kids in need and you want to reach out to them. It’s just a basic human emotion.”

Jen also shared her hopeful plans for Mother’s Day, saying (with a “hint, hint” for any family members watching at home), “I’m sure they’ll wake me up with breakfast in bed and I’m sure they’ll have made me a homemade card and they’ll have flowers for me and that my husband will be there smiling.”

The lucky mom added that her hubby of almost 5 years years Ben Affleck spoils her “100% of the time,” saying, “Ben’s really good. He knows I love flowers.”

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  • Anonymous

    wow she sure does scrub up well !

  • Hannah.J

    Looking at the picture I don’t think Jen is expecting but in a few months I’m sure she will make an annoucment.

  • Anonymous

    Hannah, what in the world makes you say that? She looks really slender! I feel bad for her, if she doenst wear tight clothes or has a sandwich, everyone gets on the She’s pregnant bandwagon!

  • Shirilicious

    Lip fillers much?

  • Anonymous

    Definitely not pregnant! :)

  • Anonymous

    She was photographed just a few days ago at an event wearing a tight, form-fitting dress over a completely flat stomach. Of course that won’t stop all you busybodies who continue to think she’s pregnant because you *just know, you’re so sure of it!!!!*. Sometimes celebs wear loose clothing just because it’s comfortable. Sometimes skinny people eat big meals. Sometimes the shadows in photographs do funny things. It doesn’t meant they’re going to have a baby, and the constant speculation is pretty obnoxious.

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