Katherine Heigl’s Shopping Sweetie

Katherine Heigl's Shopping Sweetie

What a cutie! Katherine Heigl and her gorgeous girl Naleigh, 1, were spotted enjoying a mother-daughter shopping spree today in Malibu, California (April 30).

Having recently left the hit show Grey’s Anatomy, the 31-year-old actress revealed earlier this month that her focus these days is on her family:

Life is great. It’s really family oriented right now…[it] feels as it should be.”

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Photo credit: Fame Pictures


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  1. Anonymous

    i wonder if she colored her hair for naleigh b/c if she did…i respect her for that.
    wasn’t a fan of hers but if she did that for her…she really is a dedicated mom to that wonderful adopted child!

  2. popsykl

    Gorgeous baby

  3. Hannah.J

    What a beautiful baby and a lovely family Katherine makes a beautiful mother and Naleigh a beautiful daughter.

  4. Lulu

    Naleigh is a gorgeous baby. What a cutie. Katie is attentive and caring mom. Lovely mommy-daughter.


    In think she changed her hair for her baby. Naleigh looks like a doll with those rosy cheeks and pigtails….SO Adorable.

  6. Anonymous

    i actually think Nayleigh looks a lot like Katherine in the main photo!

  7. Sophia

    Anonymous 4:36, you’re totally right! It’s so cute how much Naleigh’s expression looks like a face Katherine would make. Honestly, Naleigh is just too cute for words. I just want to cuddle her!

  8. Theresa

    Love Katherine with the darker hair! Naleigh is just beyond cute!!!

  9. ljss

    She colored her hair for a movie role.

  10. jlove

    They do look alike in that pic!! Such a little doll…

  11. Anonymous

    they are simply gorgeous! :D

  12. antigoniem

    She looks like a little porcelain doll. Gorgeous.


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