Isla Fisher & Her California Cutie

Isla Fisher & Her California Cutie

Such a cutie! An expectant Isla Fisher and her adorable 2½-year-old daughter Olive were seen in West Hollywood, Calif. on Tuesday (May 4). Olive looked very animated as the mother-daughter duo made their way into a children’s gym.

The 34-year-old Confessions of a Shopaholic star and her husband, Sacha Baron Cohen, were spotted on a rare public outing with their daughter last weekend.

The private newlyweds have remained mum about their second pregnancy. When do you think Isla is due?

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  • Anonymous

    I think she’s due in September

  • Carolina

    I think maybe in August, September or October

  • sally peters

    She is wearing a beautiful Tory Birch top and silver sandals! i LOVE THEM

  • Pitt family …

    It reminds me of Violet and Jen.. where is Vi these days. Doesn’t Ben take her to school anymore.. or what.. even in Sheveport they have schools..
    Or for a walk…So Isla did not look pregnant on her trip to Paris to get married. What happened

    • Anonymous

      Although she wasn’t really showing, I thought that Isla did look pregnant when I saw the Paris photos. Her face looked full and her waist looked thick, but her belly hadn’t popped out yet. Because of that and the fact that they had finally gotten married, I just assumed trhat she was indeed pg.

      I’m about Isla’s size, and I really popped out in the fourth month, even more so with my second child. I’ll guess that she’s due in August, maybe early September at the latest.

  • Anonymous

    She looks about 5 months pregnant – showing quicker the second time around. I’d say due in August. No later than that.

  • Anonymous

    beautiful mother and daughter!

  • Anonymous

    I just have boys, so I never really thought about this. Is it typical these days to dress agirl in an outfit so short that her panties show as in the third picture? I short of feel like that might be attractive to child molesters. It’s cute with Olives’s chubby thighs and all, but don’t think I’d put my kid in that dress if I had a girl.

    • Anna

      They’re on their way into a children’s gym. It’s probably just a little slip dress to cover her leotard.

    • Anna

      Actually these type of short dress was more “typical” in the 50’s and 60’s than it is now. I think it’s cute. Paedophiles are attracted to children in general, not just kids that wear cute clothes.

  • Anonymous

    Love these two but Olive’s dress is really short..

  • Renee

    august/september with another girl!

  • Leahmomto4n1more

    i am prego with baby #5 and i am due in early oct i am almost 5 mos , i am not showing really at all people don’t even think i am pregnant unless i picked up my top and showed them my belly … i am going to say Aug :) good luck to them i love this family soo cute :)

  • nicoleC

    She’s so cuteeeee!!!

  • Sophia

    I think she’s probably due in early September, so about five months’ along. She got really big in the belly with Olive, so I’m guessing this baby will give her a lovely round tummy too :) Olive is just divine, so vibrant and sweet. I think Anna is right; her dress is probably just a little sun-dress to go over her leotard until they’re at the gym.

    • Anonymous

      Except that Olive isn’t wearing a leotard. Isla probably just dresses her daughter the same way she dresses herself.

  • Anonymous

    um…jealous much? Isla is completely covered with jeans and long sleeves, and even is she was wearing shorts, so what? Jeez, she’s FAR from trampy. And that girl is just past the baby-stage. I see girls four or five that have dresses as short, and since her arms are up, her dress goes up and you can see her underwear or leotard. It’s not a big deal. She’s adorable and cute and chubby. If someone were to say you can see Shiloh’s underwear, people would come to her defense saying she’s not even four yet. Let children be children.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, I’ve seen pix of Isla in some pretty trampy looking outfits.
      Clothing aside, one kid born out of wedlock and one kid born few months after the wedding is indeed trampy by many peoples standards. Certainly not the kids’ faults but yeah that’s trampy–no matter how common it’s getting to be.

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