Who Was The Highest-Selling Baby Cover?

Who Was The Highest-Selling Baby Cover?

We all gasped in shock when we first saw Sandra Bullock gracing the cover of PEOPLE magazine with her adorable son, Louis. First the cheating scandal, and then this!

The magazine’s highest-selling baby cover of all time has been Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s big twin reveal in 2008. How could we resist Knox and Vivienne?!

So the big question is: Did Sandy B and Louis beat Angie, Brad and the twins as the highest-selling baby cover in history?

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It’s no surprise that PEOPLE‘s shocking Sandra Bullock baby cover/divorce announcement was a huge seller, but it hasn’t yet replaced the biggest-selling baby exclusive in the magazine’s history. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s newborn twins, Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline, still hold the title.

“Sandra’s cover has been on newsstands for a week and it has already sold over 2.7 million copies,” Popeater reports. “That’s only 100,000 less than the 2.8 million copies the magazine sold when Angelina’s twins graced the cover — and a half-million more copies than the June 2006 issue with exclusive baby pictures of Brad and Angelina’s first daughter, Shiloh, which moved 2.2 million newsstand copies.”

Although it looks like Sandra’s baby might outsell the Jolie-Pitt twins eventually, she still has a long way to go to beat the top two seller’s in the magazine’s 35-year history: The September 11 issue (4.1 million copies) and the issue covering Princess Diana’s death (3 million).

Who were you most excited to see revealing their baby/babies?

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  • Carolina

    Of course the Jolie-Pitt twins ! they are THE BABIES, and Sandra & Louis are just a cover like the others …

    • Shirilicious

      And what makes the Jolie-Pitt twins so special? Sandra’s cover was quite a revelation, while everybody and their grandmother knew about Jolie’s pregnancy and that they were having twins.

  • klutzy_girl

    I bought it! I hardly ever buy PEOPLE.

  • loveliason^%

    I bought the Sandra Bullock mag because it also had to Most Beautiful list. I normally don’t buy People at all.

  • Cabos

    Here we go, exploting egos in the name of ‘charity’. I say neither. I didn’t buy Brangelina’s, but i’m thinking about Bullock’s but ONLY because of the most beautiful people’s list. However, this is usually scanned and posted on a blog i frequently go to. So, i’ll wait.

  • nicoleC

    I just but Sandra’s one

  • Sophia

    I don’t buy magazines usually, but I’m not surprised that Vivienne and Knox’s cover was the highest-selling baby cover. There was a lot more anticipation leading up to their “unveiling”, but then again, Louis’s birth/adoption was quite a surprise! All three babies are absolutely gorgeous so I’m just happy to see photos of any of them :)

  • Tia

    I.m not surprised by this since Jolie and Pitt are the closet thing to a royal couple in this country. Whatever they do is gold.

  • Mara

    The JoliePitts are only royalty to an ever decreasing pool of fanatics. Please, you couldn’t give me a copy of people with the Pitts. They are nothing but fame whores and opportunists.

  • mke

    CASSANDRA, though i hope your little man is going to be {is} a perfect little gentleman…contrary to what people say…children are not just ‘little people’…most children have problems overcomming and/or facing their fears making them PATHOLOGICAL. Hey, but that’s right, you are so very strong and in tune with yourself…everyone thinks and/or says so…”TIME WILL TELL” i’d rather not make deductions foolishly and without substantial evidence…a lot of people beef up their (and eachother’s ego’s) for the sake of becomming more COMPETANT…These people are PATHOLOGICAL and to a certain extent on sum level or another INHERENTLY WICKED. ‘Would You Ever Kill Someone, What If They Were Trying To Kill You?’ It’s a clomplex question…I’m sure you are aware that you are a diverse people though, right…then you should have no problem comming up with the CORRECT answer. Careful, it’s a little bit of a trick question…it takes WISDOM to answer CORRECTLY and not just ‘happy, good feelings that make people accept your answer’…their are many wrong answer (a finite # of course) and really only one CORRECT and thus EFFECTIVE answer!

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