Adam Sandler’s Smooches For Sadie

Adam Sandler's Smooches For Sadie

Smooch! Adam Sandler took some time out from shooting Just Go With It to play with his 4-year-old daughter Sadie on the beach in Maui, Hawaii on Saturday (May 8). Adam took Sadie in the ocean and smothered her with kisses as they left the warm waters.

We’ve spotted the funnyman, along with wife Jackie and their 18-month-old daughter Sunny, enjoying the Hawaiian beaches in recent weeks.

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  • Carla

    Theres something about this little girl that makes me like her a lot :)
    She has something special !!!!

  • Anastasia

    Sadie is a carbon copy of Adam she is an unfortunate looking little girl.

  • Anonymous

    So many photos of her since her birth and I’ve never once saw the child smile.

    • Anonymous

      You might not smile either if you knew how many jerks were constantly making rude comments about your appearance.

  • Anonymous

    Can you say shallow and superficial people? (Yes, the posters on here making ignorant comments).

  • Anonymous

    I also see something very special and the more I see pictures of her she is getting prettier and to me she will grow up to be a very silly girl-its already showing thorugh. Annoynomys I have seen her smile before. Anastasia how rude of you to call her unfortunate looking,as I said above she is getting prettier all the time. Karma is a b—h,just remember that before you attack innocent childrens looks!

  • Anonymous

    i’ve seen her smile before too…she’s actually a really expressive kid in her face, she’s always making silly faces or whatever, but she is REALLY expressive which is why i think people always bust on her because there are never any “good” pictures where she is just smiling nicely or cocks her head to the side and looks at the camera man just so…she is always running and talking and yelling back to her dad or just making faces.

    but i have to say, she does not look like she is enjoying that water ONE BIT….

  • Domino

    I really don’t know what is so wrong with calling the girl unfortunate looking because she really is. She’s a human too. Kids and babies can be unfortunate looking as well. The fact that they are young makes no difference.

    That being said, I don’t like this girl at all and not because she is unfortunate looking. She seems like a brat from what I’ve read.

  • antigoniem

    Adam is, dare I say it, kinda hot in these pics. And Sadie is getting more beautiful with age.

    • tif

      sooooooo hot in these pics. love love love adam sandler. and he seems like a great daddy, which makes him even more hot.

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