Danica McKellar Dishes On Pregnancy

Danica McKellar Dishes On Pregnancy

She is remembered most for her role as Winnie Cooper, the love interest/friend of Kevin Arnold on The Wonder Years. Danica McKellar moved on from acting to achieve a degree in mathematics from UCLA and then became a best-selling author, having written books encouraging middle school girls to give math their-all. Now at 35, McKellar is expecting her first child with husband Mike Verta, and the actress/author sat down with Breezy Mama to dish on her pregnancy, and career.

On her pregnancy cravings: “I’ve been eating a lot of plain yogurt. And I just discovered Bulgarian yogurt, which is more sour, and I really like it.”

On what she is currently working on: “I’m mostly doing voice over stuff, which is really good because when you’re on camera looking like this [motions to belly], you have to play a pregnant woman.”

On choosing a name for baby: “We’re going to wait until we find out [gender], but we have ideas.”

To read the complete interview with Danica, visit Breezy Mama

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