Larry Birkhead Organizing Auction To Benefit Charity And Danielynn

Larry Birkhead Organizing Auction To Benefit Charity And Danielynn

Larry Birkhead, the father of Anna Nicole Smith‘s daughter, Danielynn, now three, was on The Today Show on May 11 to discuss an auction in Las Vegas selling memoribilia related to the late model and celebrity.

Explaining why he was seling Anna’s old belongings, he explained it was to provide a better life for Danielynn:”It’s like, do I want to hold on to one of Anna’s dresses, or do I want to try to help Dannielynn’s future?”However, Larry insists they have enough to survive on, and the proceeds from the auction will exist as “supplemental” income.

The proceeds of the auction will be split three ways: one gown will benefit PETA, another will go to the Anna Nicole and Daniel Wayne Smith Foundation (named after Anna Nicole’s first son, also deceased) and the rest will go into a trust for Danielynn.

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  • mhm90

    Why PETA??? Why not ASPCA? PETA = hypocrites.

    • Domino

      Because Anna was a member/supporter of PETA. Idiot.

  • Anonymous

    What happened to the other comments on here?


    oh no, i don’t believe him….i have an idea that they are probably hurting for money. i mean really, what does he do?? where is the money coming from to raise her…. mortgage payments? school? travel? nannies? medical bills? i’m sure she gets a lot of clothes for free…but come on! now that the crazy 10yr long battle over the millions and millions of dollars that anna nicole was trying to get off her ex husbands estate has been settled….and they get none….do you think that this is just a coincidence?

    if he was really doing the right thing and worried about her future, like college or whatever,t hen he would WAIT TO SELL THESE THINGS until Dannielynn was old enough to make the decision about whether or not she’d rather have one of her mother’s dresses to remember her by or not. my mother was killed by a drunk driver when i was very young and i wish i had some of her things left to remember her by….and she wasn’t even a famous celebrity with GORGEOUS clothes and gowns. i don’t think what he is doing is right. if it’s really for the future and they don’t need the money now then why doesn’t he wait a little while and let her poor daughter decide what she would like to have or not have to remember her mother by. having something physical to hold of her is a very powerful thing…..

  • belicoso

    I hope that this auction “supplements” Larry and Dannielynn’s finances enough so that Larry doesn’t get any bright ideas about bringing back Anna Nicole’s ridiculous estate claim against the Marshall estate. These very items that Larry is auctioning off are the way in which J. Howard Marshall intended to provide for Anna and the Courts (the 9th Circuit most recently) have finally declared as much. Besides, even if Larry can’t make the money last he’ll probably always be able to sell interviews and coverage of himself and Dannielynn every year near the anniversary of Anna’s death and around Derby weekend.

  • Noodlemonkey

    Seriously?! It’s time for this guy to get a job that does not rely on exploiting his daughter and her mother’s memory. Must have been a real blow when the 9th threw out his appeal this week; hopefully it’ll be the kick in the pants this guy needs to stop waiting for a windfall that never belonged to him and actually attempt to care for his daughter.

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