Gwen Stefani’s Baby Bump?

Gwen Stefani's Baby Bump?

Gwen Stefani arrived at a party in Beverly Hills today (May 16) and, yet again, we can’t help but speculate if there is a baby bump under her loose-fitting clothes. The 40-year-old Don’t Speak singer has been raising eyebrows in recent weeks with her loose tops and Sea-Bands. And not to mention, that mini bump!

Gwen’s hubby of nearly eight years, Gavin Rossdale, and their son Kingston, who turns 4 later this month, were also spotted arriving at the party.

The couple are rumored to be expecting their third child. The rockers are also parents to 20-month-old son, Zuma.

Do you think Gwen is pregnant?

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Photo credit: Fame / GSI Media


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  1. Anonymous

    I do not see any bump…her stomach looks like it always does when she is not pregnant.

  2. Anonymous

    I kinda hope she’s not. After 40 years old pregnancies can have a lot of complications. Of course there are those that don’t but in general there are a lot that do…

  3. CDionFan21

    what bump? I’ve never saw one before.

  4. Anonymous

    I was there at the party and she doesn’t look pregnant at all. she acts like really nice person and her husband too

  5. Marcella

    Madonna was pregnant with Rocco at 42, there’s nothing wrong being pregnant at 40. She’s definetely pregnant, guys!! Search for ‘Gwen Stefani’ here, you can see a lot of pics that prove she’s expecting the baby 3. Congrats, she’s a wonderful mom and I’m hoping for a girl.

  6. Andrea

    I hope she is pregnant!! they have the cuties!!

  7. Rubysuzy

    Definitely think she’s pregnant. Saw pic of bump through top… plus dont think someone intentionally wears loose tops for such a continual period. Getting pregnant post-40 can be difficult but it’s not impossible so she’s probably just going for it while she can …!

  8. Leahmomto4n1more

    I read in ok or us weekly that she is pregnant and due in the fall and having a hard time with morining sickness this time around . she did have the sea bands on her wrist … but who knows

  9. BentleyCadence<3

    Anonymous u def weren’t at the party so stop lyin. Be she is definitely pregnant even though that picture isn’t proving anything!

  10. larry steininger

    What a pretty Lady Gwen is I am a Libra to . My name is My brith date is Oct1,1963 1-626-915-8635


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