Guess Who Revealed: Billie Beatrice Dane

Guess Who Revealed: Billie Beatrice Dane

It’s Billie Beatrice Dane!

The adorable 2-month-old daughter of Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane was photographed at the Los Angeles International Airport after the family-of-three arrived home from London, England on Sunday (May 16).

The Grey’s Anatomy hunk recently said that fatherhood is a “life changing” experience.

It changes how you look at things and how you feel about things. I like to think of myself as an artist – but now I’m working for my kid. Now I’m a father. I’ve got a lunch pail, I go to work and I come home and I make sure my kid is taken care of, and I make sure my wife is take care of.”

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  • mel

    billie beatrice dane

  • Sheri

    I also think it’s Billie Beatrice.

  • Delilah Clarke

    billie dane

  • Jenn

    That is Billie Beatrice Gayheart Dane. She looks JUST like her daddy!!

  • Anonymous

    Billie Beatrice Dane.

  • CDionFan21

    That name just sounds terrible to me, it doesn’t flow well.

  • lynn

    i think it is Billie Beatrice Dane. Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart’s daughter. i hope.

  • lynn

    i think it is Billie Beatrice Dane. Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart’s daughter. i hope.

  • Sophia

    Seems to be the general consensus that this is gorgeous little Billie Beatrice Dane. She’s the first baby I thought of when I saw the photo. So, definitely Billie :)

  • heart

    yeah billie beatrice dane wow she beautifull gorgeuse

  • Hannah.J

    Yes I agree I think it’s Billie Beatrice Dane, she looks to much like Eric not to be.

  • Anonymous

    It’s Jenna and Bhodi Elfmans new baby.

  • Courtney

    little billie is adorable though I’m particial to both her first and middle names as I first fell in love with the name Beatrice from the Play/Movie The Effect Of Gamma Rays On Man In The Moon Marigolds granted in the film it’s my favorite actress who plays the austier mother Beatrice Honsdorfer and won a Cannes best actress award for her work and yeah she does look exactally like her daddy

  • Anonymous

    ahem there are prettier babys than this one. i hope she’ll grow into her looks…

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