Bethenny Frankel’s Postpartum Outing

Bethenny Frankel's Postpartum Outing

New mom Bethenny Frankel and husband Jason Hoppy were spotted taking their dog for a stroll in SoHo, New York City on Sunday (May 23).

This is our first glimpse of the 39-year-old Real Housewives of New York City star since she gave birth to her daughter Bryn two weeks ago. She looks amazing!

Bethenny delivered her daughter almost a full month early. Fortunately, Bryn was able to leave the hospital after four days and all is going well at home. “When I swaddle Bryn aka chickpea, I call it “burritoing” her. everything is about food. She looks like a tiny spring roll,” Bethenny recently Tweeted.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Alycia

    She looks Amazing!

  • Anonymous

    She looks terrific!

  • cemetreesc

    oh my god, what is wrong with her face? has she really had that much work done that she doesnt look normal anymore? her smile is sort of jokeresq

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! im not the only one who thinks she looks like the joker when she smiles! her face is awful looking! it liturally creeps me out when she smiles

  • Sophia

    She looks fantastic body-wise, but it looks like she’s smuggling something in her cheeks. Can’t wait to see a photo of baby Bryn!

  • hlbronson

    As much as I dislike this woman, she looks amazing for just giving birth two weeks ago! Good for her!

  • Dr. G

    She looks great as always. I just love her and I love her books.

  • Dani

    Bethenny looks so beautiful. She is such fun and so witty. I can’t wait for her new show on Bravo. Congrats Bethenny and Jason on new baby Bryn. I saw her picture in People she is as beautiful as her Mother.

  • Susan

    The face.. OMG.. just OMG!

  • Susan

    and yes, I think she is preggo..

  • Susan

    hahaha!! this msg was supposed to go to Gwen Stefani’s post!

  • Jennifer

    Its always so nice to see celebritys with crusty heels (3rd photo) Makes me feel normal, lol 😉

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHA I dont consider her a celebrity…however, her shoes are too small to begin with which makes her feet look even worse than the crustiness lol (sp)

  • Anonymous

    Okay HOLD ON! Previous article says shes a size four in three weeks and she has no “pouch” in front and this article shows her at 2 weeks w/ a “pouch”! Who has been photoshopping??? There is no way her 3 week photo can be real if this shows differant! And if she let her face fill out just a tad she wouldnt look like the joker lol.

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