Kingston Rossdale Is A Barefoot Boy

Kingston Rossdale Is A Barefoot Boy

About to turn 4 this Wednesday, Kingston Rossdale was spotted barefoot with a soother in Malibu on Sunday (May 23). The adorable tot was joined by his mama Gwen Stefani, papa Gavin Rossdale and little brother Zuma, 21 months.

Gwen was seen patting her tummy in yet another baggy shirt, adding fuel to the rumors that she is expecting her third child.

The happy family-of-four were later seen enjoying a windy day at a nearby beach.

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  1. Jaclyn Rubly

    I am currently holding a giveaway of a dress Stella McDermott has been seen in. Is there any way you would want to put up a post linking to my giveaway?

  2. Jaclyn Rubly
  3. Anonymous

    people say this kid is annoying but i don’t think so. his parents dress him in such a cool way, he is going to have so much personality and be so creative when he grows up

  4. Anonymous

    Shes holding her baby bump :) she is sooo pregnant!

  5. Anonymous


  6. Anonymous

    I love these boys but I think Kingston is a bit old for a binky.

  7. IraQiPrincess

    well isnt it obvious that suddenly wearing big clothes and bags held in front and all those swaying scarfs a dead give away they are pregnant? It only makes it more definate! lol
    Kingston is too old for a pacifier..damn my son is 4 and gave his away at 2.5 years old!

  8. Anonymous

    oh yeah…gwen is definately pregnant.

  9. Anonymous

    He is a little old for a binky, but then again I’m sure he will grow up and turn out just fine!! That would be wonderful if they had another child – I hope it’s true. Beautiful family!!

  10. Francesca

    What’s with the paci?! He is waaaay too cool for that! :-)

  11. What the....

    With the kids they make, I wouldn’t mind seeing another one!

  12. nonoonoo

    Ditch the binky and the hair dye.

  13. Anonymous

    I’m thinking if they can dress him in all kinds of cool “rocker like ” clothing and dye his hair I think he’s OLD ENOUGH to not have a pacifier in his mouth………I mean really;)

  14. Anonymous

    Kingston has bleached blonde hair (ridiculous) and a pacifier (absurd). These parents need to get a “grip” on parenting!

  15. Tracy

    God – he’s 4 & still using the paci?!? Celeb parents are horrible with weaning their kids off bottles & pacis!!

  16. Anonymous

    Maybe they should spend more time “parenting” the kids they already have! They obviously are NOT doing a good job since this kid has bleached hair and a pacifer! TACKY!

  17. Anonymous

    kid looks like a goof ball with that baby pacifier in his mouth!

  18. Anna

    So when Suri goes barefoot in a store all hell breaks loose but when Kingston goes barefoot it’s not in issue!? People are so weird.

  19. Anonymous

    Why does this kid have a fucking pacifier? GWEN STOP GIVING HIM THE PACIFIER! THANKS

  20. Anonymous

    It’s time to have the “binky fairy” come, Gwen and Gavin.

    Kingston is too old to still be using a pacifier. It is now affecting the way his mouth and teeth are growing and if you don’t take care to wean him from it he will eventually need extensive dental care to correct this.

    Teach him to self-sooth in a better way!

  21. Anonymous

    aww, kingston is such a cutie-pie!!!!

  22. Susan

    4 yrs old and with a paci in his mouth? for God’s sake!

  23. Susan

    I agree, Gwen is preggoo.. yayyy

  24. Anonymous

    That kid is wayyy too old for a pacifier. At least his parents are rich…b/c at this rate he is def. going to need extensive dental care, at the very least braces.

  25. Anonymous

    Great to see the kid barefoot but he looks much too old to have a dummy in his mouth!

  26. Anonymous

    Lucky kid to be allowed out barefoot – I hope that contines for his sake but get rid of the pacifier!

  27. Fred

    “is a barefoot boy” ?? what does that even mean? everyboy.. every human has barefeet and it´s totally normal (specially for kids) to run around without shoes… lol @ the title


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