Jon Voight: Knox & Vivienne Are Just Like Mom & Dad!

Jon Voight: Knox & Vivienne Are Just Like Mom & Dad!

Actor Jon Voight was a proud grandfather at the recent Prince of Persia premiere, talking up twins Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt to Fox News.

While he describes them as “very distinct,” he also says that they each take after one of their parents. Knox is very “calm, and relaxed” like Brad Pitt; Viv is “beautiful,” just like her mother, Jon’s daughter, Angelina Jolie.

As for where the children get their good looks, Jon thinks it all came from him, “good genes,” he said, adding that Brad and Angelina are “great parents.”

While Jon was estranged from Angelina for seven years, he recently spent time with her, as well as the twins, and the four other Jolie-Pitt children.

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  • rachel s

    Wow, he’s really sporting the grandpa look in this photo with the Mr. Roger’s button up cardigan. Go Jon!

  • Anonymous

    He seems to be a great grandfather. I wish the best to the Voight-Pitt family!

  • Plalina

    Wish to see him with the twins.

  • Kati

    Jon must really be happy about his “new” role as a doting grandfather. But why on earth does he have to talk about his grandchildren in public so often. He has just reconciled with his daughter and I think that he should keep his mouth shut about the Jolie-Pitt family in public. However, I think that he´s right about the twins´ personalities. In every pic we´ve recently seen of Knox and Viv it´s easy to see that Knox really is this calm and relaxed little boy and Viv truly is a beauty like her mum Angie. Maybe Jon sees other resemblances between his youngest granddaughter and Angie than that stunning beauty. I really wish that Jon won´t do anything stupid to jeopardize his newly-found relationship with Angie ever again. And Angie sure wishes the same. They are a family after all and love each other very much. What a shame that Angie´s mum Marcheline Bertrand didn´t live long enough to see father and daughter to rebuild their relationship. Maybe it was one of her dying wishes that Angie would finally forgive her dad. She sure wanted that no matter how bitter she was for Jon for what he did she didn´t want either of her children – James or Angie – to hold grudge against their father for the rest of their lives. Hopefully Jon will join the rest of the Jolie-Pitt family to celebrate Shiloh´s b-day today (May 27).

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