Is Jesse James Using Sunny To Win Back Sandra Bullock?

Is Jesse James Using Sunny To Win Back Sandra Bullock?

Sandra Bullock may have filed divorce papers, but that hasn’t stopped Jesse James from purchasing a home near Sandra’s in Austin, Texas, In Touch reports. Though Jesse has owned a garage there “for years,” a source says, “Jesse is claiming that he needs to tend to that business now.”

In addition to his divorce, Jesse is currently battling for custody of his 6-year-old daughter Sunny with his ex-wife Janine Lindemulder. “His attorney has filed a declaration saying he’s moving to Austin with Sunny,” says a source close to Jesse. “He’s stating it like it’s a done deal.”

The source says that Jesse wants to move with Sunny, taking her away from her half-siblings and sending her to a new school, in order to win back Sandra. “He’s basically dangling Sunny like a carrot in front of Sandy, knowing she loves her and won’t be able to stay away,” the source says.

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    Did you see the interview that Jesse did.. he wants to be near his son…that
    he adopted with Sandra..What is the flip side Sandi first you say that it will
    be co parenting and than you give your son your last name what gives here.

    No Jesse is not using Sunny to get Sandi back… what would be better than
    having Jesse and Sandi show up at the MTV that next..??>never

  • Anonymous

    The little boy has to have her last name. She’s getting a divorce, which means she will adopt as a single woman. Since her last name is Bullock, that will automatically be Louis’ last name also. Every one of Angelina Jolie’s adopted children had the last name of Jolie when the adoption was finalized. It wasn’t until Brad Pitt went through the process to adopt them once Angelina was their legal parent that they were give the name Jolie-Pitt. I don’t know if Jesse has plans to adopt Louis once Sandra is his legal parent, but that would be the way they’d have to do it in order for him to have the last name of James.

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