Elisabeth Hasselbeck Takes It One Day At A Time

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Takes It One Day At A Time

With three young children and a busy career, The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a multi-tasking mom. Elisabeth, who has kids Grace, 5, Taylor, 3 and Isaiah, 9 months, with her husband Tim, recently chatted with Stroller Traffic about how she manages it all.

On juggling career and kids: “Juggle is the operative word. My challenge is figuring out the next day. Every night I sit at my computer and talk it out with Tim. This is how the conversation goes: Who is taking Grace to school? Who will pick her up? What class does Taylor have? Who has a doctor’s appointment? What time is the meeting? Did you sign the permission slip for school? What about packing lunch, and writing a note for the lunch? Oh, no! We need milk. Can you pick up diapers?”

On the benefits of raising kids in New York: “The energy is fantastic. Diversity is part of their every day. We see fire trucks in bulk . . . the visual stimulation, the museums, the pizza and the people! My tip: Carry a potty on the go!”

On the challenges of raising kids in New York: “Trying to walk as a family of five on the sidewalks—with a double stroller and kids on scooters! Fitting the double stroller into a Starbucks is trying. Can they please have a mommy window?!”

Read the rest of Elisabeth’s interview at Stroller Traffic.

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  • Anonymous

    I live in New York and it is hard for me-1 person-to walk on the streets as there are so many people. I used to live in California and it was much easier to walk on the streets since everybody has cars.

  • Anonymous

    Why are you bringing your kids to Starbucks?! And “can they please have a mommy window”…UGH. Entitled Mommy Syndrome has got to stop. Just because you popped out a kid doesn’t mean the world has to stop what it’s doing and adjust to your needs. It’s a baby, not a free-pass to ass-hattery.

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