Britney Spears & Her Calabasas Cuties

Britney Spears & Her Calabasas Cuties

Britney Spears went for lunch with her two sons – 4 ½-year-old Sean Preston (orange tee), and Jayden James, 3 ½ – along with her father Jamie Spears at Johnny Rockets in Calabasas, Calif. yesterday (June 4).

The pop princess now makes almost all of her personal decisions herself, although her father is still the official conservator, TMZ reports. The conservatorship will likely last through the summer and probably into next year.

The boys’ father is Britney’s ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

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  1. Anonymous

    How come she is never carrying Sean? Not that there is anything wrong with that just wondering…I think she looks really nice and she is in great physical shape. :)

  2. Anonymous

    She must hate Sean since we never see her carrying him!! just kidding.
    These kids are so cute and they look happy, that’s good :)

  3. nicky

    yeah guys britney always love jayden and hate sean

  4. Anonymous

    Do any of you ever think that Jayden is just a mommy’s boy and Sean just wants to walk???? Glad that they all look happy!!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    Poor Sean. Brit always ignore him.Sean looks better than Jayden

  6. LaKesha

    Or did anybody consider that Jayden is the youngest.

  7. Anonymous

    Kingston is much older than Zuma and Gwen always carries him around Anonymous at 8:42!

  8. Shannon

    Ummm, has it ever occured to anyone that maybe, just maybe, Sean prefers to walk? Or to have a guy carry him? Or maybe after that incident a long while ago where Britney almost dropped him, he just doesn’t want her to carry him?

    I highly, highly doubt it’s because Britney loves Jayden more. And I’m not a Britney fan, just pointing out the obvious. I don’t get why everyone is always soooo keen to rip her apart.

  9. nicky

    before britney carries sean why now hate sean and carries jayden let sean went with kiven and jayden with stay with mom

  10. Nicky

    Yes people in world very hate britney and a im agree i love boys only

  11. Anonymous

    gosh you are all too ridiculous! Preston is almost FIVE, he has always been like a fatty boy, i mean, he’s way heavier than Jayden, that’s way! and Jayden WANTS her to carry him all the time… i seriously don’t get why people just sit on their computer and start to bash famous people that they dont know a thing about.. SAD, you guys lives must be really sad.


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