Jennifer Garner’s Sweet Seraphina

Jennifer Garner's Sweet Seraphina

Jennifer Garner carried her adorable 17-month-old daughter Seraphina while leaving a building in Santa Monica on Tuesday (June 8).

Rumorville speculates that Jennifer has been hiding a growing baby bump under loose-fitting clothing. Jen’s black sweatshirt and casual pants today continue to fuel the rumors.

Jen and her hubby Ben Affleck are also parents to 4-year-old daughter Violet.

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  1. melo1983

    …what bump!?!

  2. CDionFan21

    How nice she’s wearing a hat from my state. Yes I know she’s from WV but she never talks about it.

  3. Anonymous

    Actually she talked about growing up there in tons of interviews. She was born in Houston, TX but grew up there from the time she was about 3 or 4 yrs old.

    Seraphina looks more and more like her and Violet. Both girls are a perfect mixture of both parents. Such a great family. Definitely one of my favorites.

  4. CDionFan21

    well people always make a big deal of her being from WV but most people around here don’t really care lol. she’s rarely ever talked about here.

  5. Anonymous

    Sera looks just like ben. She is an exact copy of him if you look at pics of him when he was younger. Sera’s going to be really tall – maybe a six footer. She is very tall for a 1 1/2 year old if you’ve seen pics of her walking next to Jennifer. Violet looks just like Jen.

    I think Jen does look pregnant. Though it could just be an illusion. Wait and watch.

    I think Jen has become much more associated with boston because she is married to ben and wears red sox clothing often and they spend a lot of time in boston when ben shoots his films there – but I’m sure she loves her home state too.

  6. anonymous

    Why is always dressed like a homeless person?

  7. anonymous

    Their mix really didn’t produce cute kids.

    • Anonymous

      It’s fine that you think that but why would you post it? Don’t you think criticizing a child’s looks on a public forum is a little cruel? We don’t have to think every kid is cute but why feel the need to post it in a public place? I only have a problem with it because it’s regarding a child, not an adult.

    • Anonymous

      Your dislike of this family has destroyed your sense of judgement and will most likely destroy you if you don’t do something about it. Get some help for your condition. Why keep saying the same thing on every thread about these people. Who are you trying to convince?

      • Anonymous

        If you don’t like what people have to say….don’t read it. Or if you do read it, just ignore it if it bothers you that much. People have a right to say what they want. That’s what blogs are for. Simple as that. They aren’t gonna stop posting what they think just because YOU said so.

        • Anonymous

          Right back at you. It’s a never-ending cycle.

          Anyway, I obviously understand the free speech argument. I just think we all should think about what we’re posting and how it could affect the children if they ever were to see it. You’re obviously allowed to say whatever you want but it doesn’t mean that you should. It speaks volumes about the kind of person you are.

          “if you don’t like it, don’t read”, it’s like I said at the beginning; right back at you! ;)

        • Anonymous

          Huh? How are you suppose to know if you don’t like something being written it you don’t read it? Are you totally illerate or just some silly child playing at being grown-up? Simple? Simple? Look that word up in the dictionary and learn the meaning. You won’t be able to miss because they will be a picture of you in the definition. Stay in school Brat!

  8. Anonymous

    I hope Jen and Ben have another baby. I waiting and watching as well.

    Seraphina looks like Ben when he was a kid. Ben had lighter blond hair that darken as he got older. Seraphina is a Carbon Copy of Ben when is was about 8 years old. I found similarities in hair color, eyes, nose, ears and forehead.
    I found and old INSIDE EDITION episode that featured Ben in the show “Voyage Of The Mimi”. Seraphina looks just like Ben.

    I think both Violet and Seraphina are pretty children. Both are going to be gorgeous women (Poor Ben is going to have to beat the boys back). I think Violet may have Blond hair like Ben’s mother with Jen’s features. And I think Seraphina is going to have Jen’s hair color with a mixture of Ben’s and Jen’s features. Both girls are going to have a killer smile like their parents.

  9. anonymous

    It’s a free country with freedom of speech. It you don’t like the comments, don’t go on this site.

    • Anonymous

      “Freedom of speech” doesn’t mean “freedom from criticism”, despite what Sarah Palin told you. You have the right to saying horrible things, and other people have just the same right to criticize the things you say. If you can’t handle being criticized, don’t say horrible things.

      Also, “freedom of speech” only applies to what the US government can or cannot do. Commenters on a website aren’t part of the government. (And neither is this website. If they were to choose to delete certain comments, it wouldn’t be a violation of free speech because this website isn’t part of the government.) You might want to learn a little bit about how the law actually works before you go spouting off about “freedom of speech”.

  10. Anonymous

    She doesn’t look like a homeless person…she looks comfortable to me! How dressed up do you get to run errands? She seems very down to earth and normal to me. It wouldn’t surprise me if they left hollywood….and raised their kids in Boston. And…how can people say the kids are not cute…they are gorgeous!!!

  11. Anonymous

    Who said anything about a homeless person she is wearing a black top and cargo pants…wippee if Sarah Jessica Parker dresses like that on the streets

    This is a picture of Seraphina hope that the bet between the Celtics and Lakers
    come true.. that Ben and Matt have to actually work together for an commercial
    for LA tourism


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