Joey Fatone: “I Want My Kids To Be Excited About What I Do”

Joey Fatone: "I Want My Kids To Be Excited About What I Do"

Former N’sync singer Joey Fatone is following the footsteps of many celebrities and adding family-friendly fare to his resume, in an effort to get his kids excited about his work. He recently guest-starred on an episode of Disney Channel’s Imagination Movers, where he played a baseball player, Joey Giordano. Time Out New York sat down with Joey to discuss the role, and his two children: Briahna, 9 and Kloey, 4 months.

On teaching his children about his New York City roots: “I’ve brought Brihana back to the city. There’s a pizza place in Brooklyn she loves called Spumoni Gardens. She keeps asking if she’s from New York or from Florida. I tell her she’s a Floridian, but she’s kind of a New Yorker because I keep bringing her back to taste all the food and culture, and we still have family living in Staten Island.”

On taking on new roles that are appealing to children: “It was a lot of fun and it changes things up a bit. Also, I want my kids to be excited about what I do. My daughter doesn’t care about what I did with ‘N Sync, but once I did Hannah Montana about a year ago, I became God to her. My nephew loves Imagination Movers, so it’s going to be cool for him to see me on that.”

On being the “third kid” in his family: “I’m the third kid, definitely. I’m kind of a big kid at heart. I’m a fun guy, I always want to take my daughter to theme parks and stuff like that.”

Read the rest of the interview at Time Out New York

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  • elle

    Uh, unless I’ve time-traveled (if so, where’s my hovercar?), Kloey is 4 months, not 4.

    • Jenny

      Thanks, just changed it.

  • Anonymous

    He did such a great job on the Imagination Movers. My little sisters love that episode and always try to act like Joey the baseball player.

  • Sophia

    Isn’t his eldest daughter’s name spelt Briahna, not Brihana?

    • Jenny

      Thanks – fixed it

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