Will Smith & Family Attend ‘Karate Kid’ Premiere

Will Smith & Family Attend Karate Kid Premiere

Will Smith, wife Jada Pinkett Smith, their two children – Jaden, 11, and Willow, 9 – along with Will’s son Trey, 17, and Jackie Chan rocked the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of The Karate Kid at the Mann Village Theatre in Westwood, Calif. on Monday (June 7).

Jaden, who stars as the karate kid, was dressed in a Michael Jackson-inspired red leather jacket. Little sister Willow rocked a mohawk and animal prints.

Will said that they are proud of Jaden’s discipline and performance in the remake of the popular ’80s film.

We’re very excited, we think he did a brilliant job. We’re happy that he’s a disciplined man and I think people are going to love this movie.”

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  • Francesca

    Beautiful family BUT they’re all just a little annoying to me after watching them on Oprah. Something about smarty-**s kids that just rubs me the wrong way.

  • Marilyn

    Willow’s hair is awful. What were they thinking?

    • shannon

      i know right she looks rediculious she looks like an retard who would want to wear what she wearing and her hair dont even get me started jaden looks rediculos to look at what hes wearing he doing and micheal jackson he needs to get some fashion and willow needs to take a nice long look in the mirror or a quick one

    • jaden

      it look lik a zoo

  • Anonymous

    These children, much like their parents, come across as very pretentious and full of themselves.

    • Anonymous

      I agree! Ugh on Willow’s hair too!

    • Anonymous

      well said. they are nauseating.

  • Anonymous

    The oldest kid seems very humble but the other little ones are annoying.

    • Francesca

      True…probably because he has a different mom. :-)

      • rita buchan

        Haha I agree! Jada’s kids are so annoying but the older one seems nice and laid back.

  • Anonymous

    What the heck is going on with the kids hair? Can’t stand this family,ever since Will was on Fresh Prince he has a ego like a ass and now his little brats are the same way…..

  • Anna

    Wow Willow’s hair and outfit is absolutely awful! The oldest boy look most grounded and normal, smiling when having his photo taken instead of being “cool”.

    • Estoria

      I agree completely!

  • Anonymous

    Please Will and Jada, The kids are coming across very full of themselves, and the outfits are ridiculus! They really look foolish. I thought your family had more values then this.

  • Anonymous

    they seem like typical ghetto people who grew up poor, and now that they have money they feel the need to show it off. they use their kids to say ‘hey look at me, i can afford to dress like an idiot!’ poor kids are going to be assholes when they grow up.

    • antigoniem

      Will didn’t grow up poor, but he keeps trying to use the Fresh Prince story for YEARS. The show was based on the creator, Benny Medina. Will grew up in the suburbs of Philly (with doctors and lawyers) both of his parents were married and well off. IDK much about Jada’s upbringing, but from what I’ve heard she was just as egotistical when she was younger as she is now.

    • Francesca


  • deeb2001

    wow, slow down everybody! The way they dress makes them assholes? I think they are a wonderful family that allows their children to express themselves. I love this family, because they are a blended family and have always carried themselves very well. I think they are all just proud of Jaden and are living in the moment.
    p.s. Its a movie premier, their supposed to be over the top! lol :)

    • Francesca

      I guess you missed them on Oprah…lol.

      • deeb2001

        No, actually I did see them on Oprah! So, what’s your point?

        • Sh*t Disturber

          Maybe you’re an idiot like they are!!!

          • Anonymous

            Maybe you should stop talking sh*t. You’re a jackass. Lay off they’re only children

  • anonymous

    I love this family but that hairstyle is a bit too much for a 9 year old girl.

  • ashlyn

    The way the parents dressed willow is ridiculous they have no sense of style. She looks dirty and cheap.

    • Traci

      On what planet does she look dirty OR cheap? The only skin she has showing are her forearms, completely appropriate for a 9 year old trying to find her own fashion style. She may not match very well, but that’s proof that they’re letting her be her own person instead of trying to turn her into an over-hyped, over-sexed prepubescent child a la EVERY OTHER celebrity child her age.

  • Marilyn

    I didn’t want to say it but I always thought Will and Jada were full of themselves, too. The way they come across is like, “look at us” and they seem to brag a lot. Now they’ve passed it onto the two youngest kids.

  • LaKesha

    Willow looks amazingly cute for a little girl at a movie premiere. Let’s not be jealous of this family’s good fortune and hardworking talent.

  • Da

    I love that they’re a positive, happy, in-tact family but I also find them insufferable. I hope they around but their interviews make me gag because they looks like they may be created two little monsters. The oldest, Trey, seems a bit more down to earth. When he did interviews as a kid, he was adorable and sweet.

    And a big F U to the person that assumed we all grew up poor. Get your story together, Black people are capable to being pains in the a$$ on general principle, we *are* human beings.

    • Anonymous

      who said ‘you all’ grew up poor, and name one person who mentioned black people in their post? maybe it’s your bad self-esteem that’s making you see things that aren’t there…..

  • Tiffany

    You know most of you people are simply jealous and know nothing about this family. I rarely bring up the race card, but if this were a successful white family there wouldn’t be so many comments about how they dress. I can understand not liking smart ass kids…I agree whole heartedly. But to say that their “typical” ghetto people who are now flashy…did you grow up with them? Have you ever thought that they just like fashion…Jada loves rock music, which may influence Willow’s hairstyle ( which I don’t like either because her ears stand out). What’s wrong with wanting to look good as a family….and for goodness sakes it’s red carpet event. Let’s not be SO judgmental of people and their FAMILY or jealous cause you ain’t got it like that:)

    • Anonymous

      i said the SEEM like a typical ghetto family, make sure you read comments correctly before you criticize them.
      and you’re right, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good, they should try it sometime.

    • Peta

      I disagree. They could have been white as rice and they’d still catch hell for dressing their children this way. Poor taste is poor taste, plain and simple. Case in point – some of the get-ups Miley’s sister Noah has been wearing to date.

    • Lioness

      I’m Black, Tiffany, and I disagree with you- they would catch flack no matter what their race. Look at Gwen Stefani’s family- people give them crap all the time about how they dress their boys and the hairstyles they give them. Personally, I absolutely LOVE Willow’s hairstyle, it is fierce, fierce, FIERCE. Looks great on hair too, even with those ears, lol. I’m sure she doesn’t wear it like that every day, that takes too much maintenance for a 9-year-old. That said, this family gets on my nerves too, and have done so for years. Willow seems sweet, but the rest of them seem very self-absorbed and appear to take themselves way too seriously- like the Beckhams. The Oprah show they did bored me to death, I stopped watching 20 minutes in. Calm down, we GET it, you’re successful and beautiful.

  • Peta

    Jaden’s look isn’t bad, but ‘YIKES!’ at Willow! As someone said elsewhere, Ming Simmons and Willow are close in age, but Ming still looks like a child. A stylish child, but a child nonetheless. I’d expect Willow’s outfit on a singer twice her age.

    Love Trey, though.

  • Venni

    Just Crazy. And sad. The whole lot of them are suffering from low self esteem. Why else would they ornament those two little kids so ornately. Kids have natural beauty — but I cannot see it on these kids with all the glare and noise of their wardrobe. I think it’s Jada who pushes this stuff. She needs some kind of intervention.

  • Gabrielle

    i agree with you! if this was a white family, everyone would say its “unique” and they’re “expressing” themselves. Im not saying willow’s clothes are cute, because they’re hideous, i dont care what race you are. kimora lee simmons daughter and vanessa williams daughter are all the same age as willow and they dress appropiate for their ages

  • Traci

    Wow, I’ve never seen so much hate on a 9 year old girl. Pretty sure 9 year olds are still playing dress up. At least they didn’t skank her up like Miley Cyrus’ little sister, who dressed completely age-inappropriate on the the red carpet. I for one LOVE Willow’s hair, she looks adorable and JUST LIKE any other 9 year old playing dress up, good for Will and Jada for letting her express herself in a normal, healthy, non-skanky way.

  • Marilyn

    That hair and outfit would look bad on a white or a black child. Stop using the race card.

  • Cabos

    I used to like the pics of this family, but seriously i agree with some of the comments here. They’re everywhere and now the kids are also celebrities and to me that’s a little annoying. I don’t know. I”m more for celeb couples who keep their kids’ lives private.

  • Anonymous

    What the HELL is going on with the little girl´s hair??? Did she take a look at the mirror or did she just trust her wacko parents when they said she looked beautiful dressed as a cheap-cheetah-pre-teen-punk-whore. In just one word: LAME.

  • Tiffany

    @ Cabos
    How many children do we see on TV shows….Hello. If they want to act then their parents let them. Willow isn’t even in to acting as much as Jaden. It’s not like the kids have own reality show or carrying a web cam around with them. Their lives are for the most part “of being a celeb” private.

  • Leslie

    You know what I just don’t see it and this movie is going to flop! As much as I loved the ORIGINAL Karate Kid as a child and even kinda liked The Next Karate Kid with Hillary Swank they all had one thing in common, the wonderful Pat Morita….now that he’s gone (RIP) it just ain’t gonna work! Even with Ralph there…The movie has run its course and it’s a slap in the face to even try and replace Pat Morita, Jackie Chan is no Mister Miagee ok?! BTW who chose this kid to be “The karate kid”???

  • Anonymous

    Jaden is 11. He is no where near being a “man” like his father said. Let the kid be a kid.

  • Anonymous

    Wow how sad..the lot of you judging children on a child’s blog?..Willow is fierce!! Her hair is just right for her attitude..For them to be smart ass kids they appear to know themselves well enough to not approve or wear something they don’t want to. Let’s not even talk about other kids in the business because these children have something other kids don’t..2 parents that are not going to sugarcoat the real….Kudos to Will & JAda for giving their children confidence and the preence to capture a room!! LOL!!

  • Anonymous

    What’s the problem with Smiths younger kids!
    Scientology had a very bad influence on them. Plizz get them out of it!

  • Shannon

    I have a daughter. I see 9 year old kids every day. They do NOT dress like this. Not even when they have somewhere fancy to go. This is a case of parents trying WAAAAAY to hard to make their kids cool, so everyone can see what a rock star of a parent they are. It’s sad. A beautiful little girl like Willow does not need to be dressing in an outfit like that. I don’t care if she is covered up, it would look awful on an adult, it looks just plain ridiculous on a 9 year old. And I am really hating this Mohawks on little girls trend lately in Hollywood. I know, I know-let the kids express themselves. Whatever happened to letting girls be girls? Instead of pre-teen, attitude filled rock stars?

  • Boston.Girl

    Sadly I do not like how these 2 kids are dressed and Willow’s hair leaves a lot to be desired. That being said – clothing aside, Willow acts VERY spoiled. She bullies the two older boys around and when Jaden complains to his parents they automatically take Willow’s side. They are creating a spoiled monster and a resentful middle child.

    Badly Done Smith family. Work on family values and sibling respect more and careers less.

  • Lioness

    I don’t know what the race card is about- personally, I think this family would get sh!t no matter what their race- they put themselves out there to critiqued. As I said above, I really love Willow’s hair- very cute, unique, and bold. It’s better than the millions of other little girls who were it straight and long, no matter what their race (conformity is a real bitch sometimes). Not loving the clothes, though- too busy.

    Like many of you, I find the family irritating for the most part. They seem pretty pretentious and overwhelmingly concerned about their image, which I don’t care about nearly as much as they think I do or any other viewer does. I don’t mind a little arrogance, to be honest- I’m secure enough with myself that it doesn’t bother me, feel free to toot your own horn loud and clear if you want to- but this family comes across as nearly insufferable, especially Jaden. He seems like a monster in the making. They try way too damn hard- take it down a notch, Smiths, we get it…

  • Anonymous

    Jaden Smith is so adorable and talented, he is going to be the next superstar of the world. Can this kid DANCE or what? As for the criticism as their family coming across as smug, the hard work and sacrifice that it takes to achieve anything great makes it impossible for anyone smug to survive the test of character. These films are grueling hard work and I am sure the Smiths are raising their kids to be good people or they wouldn’t be this far in life. More power to them. Jada Pinkett for President !!!!

    • Sh*t Disturber

      Jada Pinkett Smith for President – isn’t that a little too much??? Maybe she’ll brag about her sex life when she’s President and how they’re late for functions cause they have to have sex in their secret service car because Will gave her the glance and that was it. Un-f**king Real!!!

    • Sh*t Disturber

      Jada Pinkett Smith for President – isn’t that a little too much??? Maybe she’ll brag about her sex life when she’s President and how they’re late for functions cause they have to have sex in their secret service car because Will gave her the glance and that was it. Un-f**king Real!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Sh*t Disturber

    Those kids are going to grow up exactly like their sick parents. Bragging about having hot sex all the time and dressing like stuck up idiots like they already do. How do you like that deeb2001???

  • Oda Azees

    wow… no matter what… THEY’RE A GREAT…GREAT FAMILY EVER…. everything they get, they gain by their own.. people just be jealous…. keep on move SMITH FAMILY…. YOU’RE THE BEST FAMILY CELEB ON THIS EARTH…

  • Lola

    Come ornn she’s cute but she’s 9 years old, i’ll understand if she’s 11 but she’s 9. But she is cute though! :)

  • zeana

    i think you guys really should lay off, i mean they’ve worked for what they got so let them enjoy it. they’ve come a long way from what they use to have. let the kids be kids, besides what kids do you know that dresses perfectly. NONE. i think they all look great, except for willows hair. but overall they look great including the parents. i love jada’s dress by the way.

  • Anonymous


  • katie osorio

    sup wrud hahahahaha lol

  • shudane

    the smith family really rocks!! jeaulosy down!!! damn!!

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