Jesse James’ Custody Battle Turns Ugly

Jesse James' Custody Battle Turns Ugly

Sandra Bullock‘s estranged husband Jesse James has stepped up his ongoing custody battle with ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder. The 41-year-old father of three has filed legal papers accusing her of driving under the influence of drugs with their young daughter in the car, TMZ reports.

James and Bullock were granted full guardianship of 6-year-old Sunny in 2009 after Lindemulder, a porn star, was sentenced to six months in jail for tax evasion.

Lindemulder was released from prison earlier this year and petitioned for further custody after James cheated on Bullock. Currently, James has full custody of Sunny.

On Friday (June 4) James filed several declarations, one of which was written by his sister, Julie James England. She claims that two years ago she received a worrying phone call from Lindemulder in which she was “slurring her words, telling me she’s letting my niece, Sunny drive.” England continues that Lindemulder had taken “some numbing drugs her neighbors gave her from Mexico and she drank tequila” and that she and Sunny were “going to get munchies.”

England states that Lindemulder was found “passed out in her car in the garage with Sunny.” James states that his ex-wife is unfit to take care of Sunny, and insists that he can provide a stable environment. A custody hearing is scheduled for June 17.

The news comes shortly after James’ separate lawsuit against bosses of an internet company alleging they owe him more than $150,000. He is suing executives at online video streaming firm ViewPartner, accusing them of failing to pay him for a 2009 deal and using his image without permission.

James is also dad to daughter Chandler, 15, and son Jesse Jr., 12, with his first wife Karla.

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  1. Anonymous

    Look how freaking cute that dog is. I think it is more than well known that Jesse doesn’t deserve Sandra, that cute little girl of his (give her to Sandra!) or that adorable dog (give it to me!). Hopefully his first ex-wife is better with his other kids than his second ex-wife is with the youngest one. Poor kid.

  2. Anonymous

    Look how freaking cute that dog is. I think it is more than well known that Jesse doesn’t deserve buy links of london Sandra, that cute little girl of his (give her to Sandra!) or that adorable dog (give it to me!).

  3. Anonymous

    That poor kid… Sandra was probably her only chance to grow up normal… with parents like that… yikes…

  4. Jack109

    Just because someone cheats does not make them an incapable parent. These are two separate issues.

    • Anonymous

      Could not agree more! Just because someone has issues being faithful to their spouse does not mean they are unable to be a good parent. It’s a completely different relationship (parent/child vs. spouse/spouse) with completely different dynamics.

      • Anonymous

        He’s also possibly a neo-Nazi (seen the pics? who knows, but it doesn’t look good). And cheating on a spouse neither sets a good example for your child nor demonstrates respect for other people… and if he was such a great father, he would have done everything he could have to maintain the healthy, balanced life his children were living when he was with Sandra (I’m guessing… isn’t that part of the reason they won custody… I mean besides the obvious problems with the mother). You’re not a good dad if you’re willing to throw all that away for your kids so you can do the dirty with several different women.

  5. Anonymous

    Sunny better still lives with his daddy

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