Tweets From The Hollywood Nest

Tweets From The Hollywood Nest

Catch up on the latest tweets from your fav celebrity parents!

@xzibit He’s hungry. And he’s loud. Taking after me already!!!

@moonfrye My favorite thing my 4 year old Poet said during the game, “Kobe should get a special treat, I think they should give him a big shiny ball”

@kikilet buzz words: pioneer, maverick, trailblazer, individual. do what you love, and the money will come.

@DENISE_RICHARDS I have some exciting news soon on a some new products I’ll be doing!! can’t wait to share!!

@ShannaMoakler Just found out that I have a whole page in playboy’s 50th anniversary playmate book! Now I need Hef to sign it! ;) so honored!

@peterfacinelli Just arrived in NY for the day on a red eye. The early bird gets the early worm… and apparently gets to sit in traffic.

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  1. Anonymous

    wow, he looks just like his daddy!

  2. AnnieMouse

    I was thinking the same exact thing! JUST like him!!


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