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  • Anonymous

    Well! She made a sextape and her boobs was exposed to the whole world! That’s gross! But a Baby Eating..distusting?

  • Eva

    Well ..Anonymous.. she made a sextape having sex with her husband or some and everyone have sex .. she did not make it for everyone to see but her X wanted more money so he sold it …. and you dont have to watch the tape if you dont want to .. breastfeeding in resturant .. is another thing.. i adore moms that breastfeed there kid .. but it is not hard to cover it up .. i dont like seeing boobs everywhere while i eat . and changing diper on a taple where people eat is just plain distusting and i would say something about that if someone did that while i was eating ..

    • antigoniem

      She chose to make that sextape, it wasn’t like it was a hidden camera and she didn’t know. She AGREED to make it, now it’s public. If you don’t want your sexual activity made public, don’t do stupid sh*t that could possibly put you in that situation. As for changing a diaper on a restaurant table, that is disgusting. As for breastfeeding, GOD FORBID SOMEONE SEE A BOOB. I swear some people are such prudes. Maybe that mom was tired and frazzled from, IDK, actually working (something Kim probably can’t even spell) and taking care of her child. I f you don’t like something or the way it looks THEN DON’T LOOK AT IT.

      • antigoniem

        Mind you, this tweet is also coming from the woman who gladly received a “golden shower” (if you don’t know what it is, google it) in that little sextape of hers. Yeah, sanitary.

  • Tazina

    The woman in the restaurant has no class….none. I agree feeding a baby in public in fine but at least throw some sort of coverup on. A diaper change on a restaurant table is gross. Not as bad but I hate when parents plop their kid up on the counter of a fast food restaurant while they wait for an order.

  • Mara

    The trash that is Kim, added the diaper changing part after she came under fire for complaining about the breast feeding. I doubt that any mother would change a baby’s diaper on a restaurant table. That type of behavior is something you would expect from Kim or one of her sisters. This woman’s only avenue to fame was to make a sex tape. And the media and the lemmings that admire anyone on television fell into place. God, what a waste of space the Kardashians are.

  • melo1983

    I know I’ll get A LOT of hate for this but it is just my opinion so please no death threats (haha). But before I became a mother even until now I think having your breast exposed in public is disgusting. I understand your child has to eat, but there is a classy way to do it with your chest covered and without your tits just sitting out. I took my daughters to the park last week and a woman was b-feeding her baby and pretty much was sitting there with her whole chest exposed and my daughters were horrified lol. I don’t know, but I definitely would make sure I was as covered up as possible.

  • Eva

    yeah i soo agree with you melo1983.. and i have been at a resturant few times when a mother put her child on the table and was doing diper change .. and it is kinda hard not to look when someone has there boob hanging out like they are at home …i have 3 kids 6 week old . 14 months and 3 years old .. i breastfeed 2 of them still . and tho im tired i dont go boob crazy while out eating . i use something to cover up or i go somewhere quiet .. here in my country we have manners and dont breastfeed unless we cover up. you never know who is around you .. a boob is a boob tho some kid is sucking on it or not…

  • Kaz

    She necessary go to hell cuz she bad nasty woman

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