Lady Gaga: “I’m Terrified Of Babies”

Lady Gaga: "I'm Terrified Of Babies"

Lady Gaga bares her heart — and much more — on Rolling Stone‘s latest cover. The flamboyant star (born to the name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) opens up about her fear of having babies, her happy childhood and her humble beginnings.

Gaga says she won’t be joining the Hollywood baby boom any day soon.

I’m terrified of babies. I think, creatively, as a woman, you change once you give birth. I’m totally not ready for that.”

The 24-year-old singer says she worries about being a good role model. “You have to be careful about how much you reveal to people who l look up to you so much,” she says. “I don’t want to be a bad example. I’m not a victim.”

While the Bad Romance singer hints at a trauma in her past, she says her childhood was picture perfect.

“There are some things that are so traumatic, I don’t even fully remember them. But I will say wholeheartedly that I had the most wonderful mother and father. I was never abused. I didn’t have a bad childhood. All of the things I went through were on my own quest for an artistic journey to f*ck myself up like [Andy] Warhol and [David] Bowie and Mick [Jagger].”

Now one of the world’s most successful pop artists, Gaga admits she comes from humble beginnings. “It petrifies me,” she recalls of her days as a struggling artist. “When I think about laying in my apartment [in New York] with bug bites from bedbugs and roaches on the floor and no will or interest in doing anything but making music and getting high. So I guess I’ve come a really long way, and I have my friends to thank for that, and I have God.”

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  • Anonymous

    She’s only 24?

  • Anonymous

    Ah, Lady Gaga, babies are scared of YOU!

    • dannybooooo

      yur right about that

  • Anonymous

    We are scared of you!

  • Anonymous

    Oh shut up. She’s amazing and is being honest, I love babies but I agree with her. Oh wait are you one of those people who think every woman must reproduce?

  • Anonymous

    Lady Gaga is a fake…

  • Anonymous

    This woman scares me!

  • sidney

    I like some of her song but not all.

  • Jaymi

    I guess the way to make it in the “BIZ” is to be a freak. I hope she never has babies, they’d never be normal, they’d be a screwed up as she is.

  • Anonymous

    She is so unbelievebly fake, plus she tries too hard.

  • Anonymous

    Humble beginnings? She went to a private school that costs nearly $40,000 a year from preschool to 12th grade. Her parents were paying nearly $80,000 just for tuition alone to pay for her schooling and her sister’s. Her parents are very wealthy and she grew up in the Upper West Side in Manhattan with access to the very best in life. She’s trying to portray herself as someone she isn’t and she just comes off incredibly pretentious and fake.

  • Sophia

    Yep, pretty sure it’s safe to say that babies would be scared of her too.

  • Anonymous

    i love her let her do what she wants, great singer alot of talent:)