Denise Richards & Her Shopping Sweeties

Denise Richards & Her Shopping Sweeties

Denise Richards enjoyed a girls’ day out with her daughters Sam, 6, and Lola, 5, today, hitting the shops at The Commons in Calabasas, California (June 22). The girls looked ready for summer in their adorable dresses.

The National Enquirer is reporting that Denise has recently rekindled her romance with her ex Richie Sambora, who she dated in 2006 after her split from Charlie Sheen. The tabloid quotes a source as saying, “Denise and Richie never really stopped loving each other.”

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Photo credit: Fame Pictures

  • Wendy

    I really love how she dresses her daughters! Always in very cute clothes, it’s great :D!! However I don’t think I’ve ever, and I mean EVER, seen them smile. It’s a bit strange. They are adorable children nonetheless :).

    • Wendy

      CBS moderator, please change the spelling to adorable in the last sentence (just add an r), thank you :)… (early morning here lol)

    • AJ

      They’re always smiling and happy in family photos. They just seem really intimidated by the paparazzi, can you blame them?

      • Wendy

        No, I think they would look scared if they felt intimidated. They just seem sad here…

  • Anonymous

    they are so cute!

  • Theresa

    love the sandals on the girls…any one know where they are from?

    • Ang

      Theresa, I love them too :)

  • Shaz

    her daughters have grown up to be beautiful young girls. so cute. denise still has a bangging body.

  • melo1983

    They are so freaking cute! Who cares that they’re not smiling, they’re probably creeped out by the camera men.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s hope she doesn’t raise her daughters to be homewreckers. She herself played a role in destroying her best friend’s marriage. Some women have no shame. Give the entire gender a bad name. Not saying that Richie isn’t at fault also but Denise and Heather were really close. She told her everything about her marriage and husband only to have Denise go behind her back and develop a sexual relationship with him. Poor kids. their mom is a hoe. how confusing it must have been for them to have Richie go from an uncle to a possible step daddy. sick. Both she and him will get their just deserts. And the reason why a lot of celebrities are so unhappy in love is because of their despicable actions. their union or re union won’t last because it was built from deception and nastiness.

    • Denise

      hey “anonymous” A. how do you really know what my relationship was with Heather? B. Richie was not an uncle to my kids and then went to “developing a sexual relationship with me” who are you to say he was an uncle?? ridiculous C. I did not destroy any marriage. Richie and heather had already filed for divorce prior to us getting together D. I am the only one out of all of them that has not been arrested, or been to rehab….fyi…just saying…D

      • Wendy

        Denise, these people read made up things in magazines and believe every word, plus they have nothing better to do than to leave mean comments.

      • tif

        A. a “friend’s” soon-to-be-ex-husband should always be off limits. I mean, forever.
        B. what’s it like being in a relationship with a man that’s had more plastic surgery than yourself?
        C. what’s your point about the fact that you’re “the only one out of all of them that has not been arrested, or been to rehab? Oh, hang on, that must make you better?
        D. why would you bother to respond to anyone commenting about you on a blog page unless you love any kind of attention?

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