Teresa Giudice Reveals Her Post Baby Body

Teresa Giudice Reveals Her Post Baby Body

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, 38, rocks a bikini in a photo shoot for In Touch. Not only has the reality TV mom lost the weight she gained while pregnant with daughter Audriana, 9 months, she also has some new breast implants to show off. Teresa — who is also mom to daughters Gia, 9, Gabriella, 5, and Milania, 4 — opens up about her post baby body.

On how much she weighs: “Well, I hardly ever weigh myself, but I do fit back into most of the clothes I wore before I had Audriana. I think I’m a 27 jean size and size 4 in dresses.”

On if she went on a diet to lose the baby weight: “No! I’m never on a diet. I always eat what I want. When I was pregnant, I had to eat anything that was in front of my face. It’s an Italian thing — they say if you see something and don’t eat it, your baby will get a birthmark!”

On if she felt competitive with her costar Jacqueline to lose the baby weight: “No, she’s doing really well. She won’t wear a bikini, but she could! Dina has a great body, too — that’s why I can’t say I am the hottest Housewives mom!”

On the best bodies in Hollywood: “Brooke Burke and Heidi Klum, because they each have four kids and can still wear a bikini. Having four kids is a big thing; your body definitely changes after that.”

On her favorite body part: “I love my new boobies, but if I had to pick between an ass or boobs, I’d have to say my ass is more important to me. I’m proud of my bubble butt!”

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Photo credit: Andrew Coppa/Vis Vitae


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  1. Anonymous

    This woman needs to grow up! She is a disgusting pig! She has a brain the size of a pea!

    • she can't spell dah

      Every time Teresa opens her mouth, she shows how stupid she is. She keeps claiming she is a lady. Just because you say it, doesn’t make it true. Like the song from the NY housewife – Money Can’t Buy You Class. This applies to Teresa for sure.

  2. AnonyMouse

    I can’t get over how scary she is!

  3. Anonymous

    Scary, yes. But what’s really scary is that us tax-payers paid for her boob job (and all the other trashy expenses that her and her family piled up in the years leading up to the bankruptcy.)

  4. Anonymous

    White trash!

  5. Anonymous

    If I were her daughters I would be so embarassed to have her for a mother! She is pathetic! No class!

  6. Anonymous

    I watched the first season of this crappy reality show and that was it. All of the women on this NJ show are trash!

  7. Anonymous

    What’s up with that messed up wig on her head? I can’t watch that show anymore because of her disturbing hairline.

  8. Anonymous

    Is she wearing a wig?

  9. Anonymous

    Ugh! She is a horrible example of a woman, mother, citizen and taxpayer! Yuck!!! I find it so disgraceful that she and her husband (and spoiled childrenn) live so lavishly and COMPLETELY outside of their means!! She’s been on the record admitting they give $0 to charity (or time, for that matter)…what kind of role model is that? Really pathetic. I feel so badly for her girls…they’re being raised in a fake environment where only their looks (and their mom’s) and material things are valued. So sad.

  10. CM

    YUCK. She makes me sick.

  11. Anonymous


  12. Anonymous

    Yeah. They just filed bankruptcy. Boobies are the thing to go out and buy. Stupid and superficial reality tv stars make me sick!!! Don’t watch these shows, not really sure why anyone does!!

  13. Anonymous

    The only surgery she needed was one to fix her face. I think the taxpayers would gain something by not having to look at it. It is scary than her hairline!

  14. Anonymous

    She sounds so stupid! She is an embarassment to all women! Why is she wearing an ugly bird’s nest on her head? She needs to wear a bag over her head! YUCK!

  15. Anonymous

    This woman is NOT attractive! VERY scary looking!

  16. Anonymous

    What is she wearing on her head? She is an idiot.

  17. Anonymous

    This woman is a pathetic poor excuse for a woman. She looks dirty – like she needs a bath!

    Oh, and by the way, she is NOT pretty and neither are her daughters!

  18. RHofSI

    I think she is FABULOUS! look at all you haters tearing her apart! if you did not care you would not comment!
    We are talking about a magazine here – the questions asked were not very intriguing, what kind of answers do you expect?
    She look great for just having a baby! Her children should be proud of her – she is the type of woman that speaks her mind, tells it how it is – good or bad- and keeps her children and home happy! I’d like to get a look at all you trolls that are commmenting on how ugly she is!!!!

  19. CM

    Her children should be proud of her?
    For what? Getting a boob job?
    Fiscal responsibility?
    She is the epitome of greed, vanity, and materialism.
    I hope someone is teaching her girls to accept themselves and use their natural born talents to become successful adults.

  20. Anonymous

    She looks great you haters!

  21. antigoniem

    I watch the show religiously, but the woman shows a lack of affection and discipline toward her children. Buying things for her children is her way of showing love and affection, and that’s a bit disturbing. What really confirmed this was the comment made by Gia “I’m too pretty to work.”

  22. Anonymous

    I Love Her!!

  23. Anonymous

    whats Unattractive is how you could sit there and and say how pathetic and vain she is and how ugly her children are,what makes you any better. It`s funny that you people think your better then her to judge her what gives you the right Nothing let her live her life…

  24. Fred S J

    Who in hell is looking at her hairline ? I think she’s hot as firecracker. Lucky Joe.

  25. she can't spell dah

    I am so proud to live in NJ – but the NJ housewives are make it difficult. If I ever go out of state, I say – “everyone from NJ is not like everyone you see on NJ reality shows you see on television now”. It’s a disgrace!

    I grew up on the Jersey Shore – it was not like the trash show Jersey Shore! They aren’t even from the shore – because if they were, they wouldn’t say ‘Shore’ – true sign of “Benny” – those native know what that means. Also, we say “Beach”.

    All these NJ trash shows make it embarrassing to say “I’m from NJ”. Can’t anyone produce a show everyone could be proud.

  26. Anonymous

    she is an embarrassment to women everywhere especially NJ women

  27. Anonymous

    I think that everyone has some kind of beauty and noone is too judge whos pretty and whos ugly if shes as shallow as you say then that just puts you on her level… i think she looks great for having four kids!!! and if you people judging are the ones that have kids hopefully your kids dont take after you and learn to get to know people and not walk around calling people ugly and fake boobs thats a personal opinion i would not get them but some people look great with them and gives them a little extra lift and they dont cost that much for the ones griping about tax payers if you save up pretty sure you could get some too so you can stop complaining about hers.

  28. Ye

    Well, u dont need 20/20 vision to see how ugly she and her girls r specially gia and milenia. And for those who call haters plz stop been so ignorant and look at the facts. And Caroline instead of searching in Danille past ck out wht ur husband is doing behind ur back ;-) uppssss outch!!!!!!

  29. Anonymous

    When they make a show and call it the “Real Housewives of NJ, NY, wherever, I wish they would use normal housewives. Or how about “Single Moms of” and show people’s struggles, instead of glamorizing these women even more and them getting more and more money? I would rather feel empathy for a single, struggling mom than a rich, conceited woman that has to file bankruptcy because she can’t handle her financial obligations even though she’s loaded. These shows are a joke. All they do is nitpick, bicker, drink everyday, and waste money.


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