The Richie-Maddens Gear Up For Summer

The Richie-Maddens Gear Up For Summer

Nicole Richie and her fiancé Joel Madden were spotted with their two children – daughter Harlow, 2, and son Sparrow, 9 months – after shopping at Big 5 sporting good store in Studio City, Calif. on Monday (June 28).

We love the ‘dos! Sparrow kept if funky in a mohawk while Harlow looked lovely with her gorgeous curls.

The Richie-Madden family looked to be gearing up for some summer fun. Joel pulled a Coleman cooler with a soccer ball in hand while making sure little Harlow walked close beside him with her Aqua Skimmers.

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  1. Andreea

    OMG!!! Harlow got SO BIG! She’s getting so beautiful, I really like the way Nicole dresses her & arranges her hair. She’s so pretty! :)
    And little Sparrow looks just like mom (unlike big sis, who’s all daddy)

  2. Zanna

    I think te opposite. Harlow started to look like her mommy and Sparrow is all daddy! Both of the kids are adorable and beautiful! I’m happy for Nicole and Joel:)))

  3. Vanessa

    Sparrow looks exactly like Joel.

  4. melo1983

    Omg it has been wayy too long! They are so adorable, I love Harlow’s hair!

  5. nicoleC

    harlow’s hair looks messy

  6. Sophia

    Harlow’s starting to look more and more like Nicole, but, wow, Sparrow is 100% daddy! Unbelievable! They’re such a gorgeous family :)

  7. Anonymous

    Harlow’s African features are really coming out.

  8. Anonymous

    Her hair looks like a rats nest. With kinky frizzy hair like that, I’d try to pull it back in a pony tail the way she normally tries to keep it.

  9. GCFreak

    These pictures are so cute. Harlow is adorable with her bushy hair!! LOL

  10. Anonymous

    Harlow’s hair is amazing! What a gorgeous girl :)

  11. Anonymous

    nonymous said:

    “Her hair looks like a rats nest. With kinky frizzy hair like that, I’d try to pull it back in a pony tail the way she normally tries to keep it.”

    You mean not all straight and pristine like, I guess. It looks too ethnic like I assume, but that’s only me perception

  12. Anonymous

    Harlow is sorta plain IMO (though I know many think she is divine, so who cares what I think? Viva la difference) but WOW nobody does casual dress better than Nicole. I kinda like the way she is not so into primping her kids for the camera.

  13. Anonymous

    Its not that Harlows curls are messy, its just that her hair is quite fine so it doesn’t look good the way say Francesca Batemans hair does. Thin hair looks better straight.


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