Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About Love

Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About Love

Singer Jennifer Lopez has faced her share of heartbreak. The mom-of-two has had high-profile relationships – and splits – with the likes of P. Diddy and Ben Affleck.

Now happily settled into her sixth year of marriage, with a son and daughter, Lopez opened up on her VH1 Behind The Music documentary special, via, about how heartbreak has changed her, and how motherhood showed her the true meaning of love.

Lopez revealed that her split with Affleck was her first true heartbreak, saying,

I don’t think I had ever been heartbroken in that way before – had so many hopes and dreams on something. This was the first time and it was tough. When you go through that kind of heartbreak in front of everybody you are not quite the same person you were before. I always wanted that fairytale. It just didn’t work out. But I kept trying – you can’t blame a girl for trying!”

She then opened up about how her understanding of love changed once she and husband Marc Anthony welcomed their twins Max and Emme, saying, “That’s when things became really clear to me – what love truly is. It’s that pure, that unconditional, that kind.”

In the documentary, Lopez also touched on her relationship with her own mother, which up until Max and Emme’s birth, had been damaged. She revealed that their mended relationship began after receiving a card from her mother, “She gave me a card saying, ‘The way you feel about Max and Emme I feel about you.'”

Emme and Max are the first children for the couple together, though Anthony has three children, Arianna, 16, Cristian, 9, and Ryan, almost 7, from previous relationships.

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  • Anonymous

    in there saying how she never got over him…Well media don’t get any
    ideas please he is happily married and he definitely a happy man who did
    not need this right now..!!!

  • Anonymous

    WHEN A WOMAN BREAKS UP WITH HER FIANCEE and than proceeds to do
    a c.d with January the same month that Jlo and Ben broke up.
    June of the same year is when she quietly married Marc……..What does
    that make you think how come she says that it took awhile when she
    was with Marc that same month…and married him 4 months later..

  • Anonymous

    I watched it last night, and she was very open and candid about all those relationships, and yes she did say that she has never had her heart broken like she did with Ben at the same time she also said that she never cared about what other people thought but that “some people cannot handle that kind of scrutiny and judgement” basically I feel she called out Ben as being a wuss for not being man enough to tough it out and stay with her. She does say that with her relationship with Marc that they lift each other up and make each other better people, but ofcourse that is not what people are going to focus on, instead it’s about Bennifer, because that is just more juicy. Damn Ben is never gonna be able to escape the ghost of his past no matter what he does.


    He was not a wuss for breaking up with her… if he didn’t she never would
    of married Marc 4 months later.. would she…BEN WILL NEVER ESCAPE HIS
    Lets have Marc talk about his side of the story.. how he feels about the
    fact that Ben was smart enough to end his relationship Why does he need
    to toughen it out and stay with her… DID TOM AND NICOLE…TOUGHEN IT

    • Este

      Ben’s a wus not for breaking up with JLo but for blaming her for his career tanking. Truth of the matter is..he’s not much more talented than JLo. They both got lucky.

  • Marc loves Jlo for who she is

    Where in this article does it mention Marc… of course they do raise each other up..!!! After all the kids are the main subject in this article..So tell
    me where is Marc mentioned that he has idolized her and had a huge crush
    on her for years…That is the difference right there…

  • Anonymous

    I think its sad that she had been divorced twice but never had her heart broken before (?) I didn’t see the show but that’s how it comes off. And she did marry Mark 4 months after splitting with Ben – which now that I think about it is a good reason for it to have not worked out (usually rebound relationships never do). I have a feeling this marriage has worked out because if it didn’t she would look pretty terrible after all the splits she’s had. That’s a reason to double the effort. I don’t think she really tried before. It had to be perfect or she was disappointed. Life isn’t perfect I guess she has realized.

  • cheater going after a married man

    Marc was married and had two kids…Jlo told him to get a divorce in the
    republic…right away…Dyanara was his wife at the time and his two small
    children…so how can you not call her a cheater…with a married man..
    What is the!!! nada thing

  • Courtney

    Marc had three children when he married Jlo not 2 your forgetting his teenage daughter from a previous relationship

  • Sharky

    Bottom line: They’re both cheaters!
    Pretending to be, – it’s their game, when it comes to honesty.

    • Este

      Ben’s a cheater too…strippers anyone….so is Jen Garner…..Michael Vartan anyone….also were rumors about her & Ben shacking up during Daredevil while he was with JLo. Jennifer Garner is as fake & phony as they come. How is it Julia Roberts manages to shield her children from the papparatzi and yet Jen’s always snapped with hers. JLo doesn’t pimp her children like Jennifer does. That’s for shizzle.

      • Anonymous

        Er… This post is about Jennifer Lopez, not Jennifer Garner

  • MachoWhite

    i think, jlo doesn’t mind having an affair with a married man at the time.
    you know, her hubby marc can’t also seem to be satisfied
    when it comes to sex. many call him, “baby maker”.
    look, so far, he had father 3 women to date.
    excluding, of course, his ex- girlfriend, stripper, elizabeth.

    i’m so glad, he went to jlow. the only problem, is, — they both
    inflicted pain to others. do they both know about karma? whoaa!

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer Lopez really seems like she loves being a mother.
    That is the only good thing I can say about this article. Interviewers are always going to ask Jennifer about her past relationships with Ben Affleck and Diddy. It is a given. What I found unflattering was her going on about being so Heartbroken after her break-up with Ben. Only the birth of her children brought her out of her emotional void. Wow! That was really demeaning to Marc. I wonder how he feels about this.

    I guess Jennifer never loved her first 2 husbands… or Marc. Wasn’t he the one that married her 4 months after her heartbreaking breakup! He also escorted Jennifer to all the (Golden Globe After Parties) 2 weeks after the break-up. When did Jennifer have time to be so Heartbroken??? She comes off sounding like a shallow person. Does she think people have forgotten how she married and dumped men so fast it gave us all …WHIPLASH!…I haven’t. (Marc’s history isn’t any better). Jennifer has never experienced heartbreak before because she was the one doing the breaking. Talk about being a Hypocrite!

    Jennifer Lopez lost me as a fan years ago. But I am happy she mended her relationship with her mother.

    I don’t think Ben Affleck was a WUSSY for breaking off their relationship. I believe Ben made the correct choice. Jennifer and Marc walk every Red Carpet event together (dressed to impress). Jennifer likes that kind of support. She needs it. Ben wasn’t happy living that life style. Why stay in a relationship if you are not happy? They both would have made each other miserable and ended up getting a DIVORCE instead of Breaking-Up.

    Ben dodged the BULLET. He saw it coming like in the MATRIX. I even called him NEO the day of the break-up. I agree, Ben was smart. Any woman that marries a man 4 months after the break-up makes one question if you loved them to begin with.

    Isn’t Marc suppose to be the love of her life? I guess not.

    • Este

      Ben’s a self-absorbed jerko. Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t have kind things to say about him either. I get that he doesn’t want to “walk the red carpet” all the time with his wife but really this whole “never” business is seriously over the top. I mean Dicaprio & Clooney don’t have problems stepping out with their pieces. Ben’s got issues & he’s no prize either. Speaking of cheaters…..Ben got caught with strippers when he was with JLo & there’s rumors that he cheated on her with Jen Garner back when they did Daredevil.

      • cece

        Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow are friends again. They made up a few years ago. Their relationship was never going to lead to marriage. Snooty Gwyneth tried to control him. Ben effectively did everything he could to get her to stop. Ben never claimed to be a prize. But, neither is Lopez. Dicaprio and Clooney are never going to get married and their so called pieces (bed partners and eye candy) know the score. So, are you calling Garner and Lopez (Ben’s pieces)? As far as Ben and Strippergate goes. It is Ben word against the Stripper’s. The tabloid paid her $10,000.00 bucks . Ben’s lawyers advised him to save his money not to fight the allegations (Rolling Stone interview). The damage had already been done. Ben didn’t cheat with Garner on the Daredevil set. Garner’s ex Scot Foley also denied that claim. What about Lopez cheating on her first husband with Diddy. Also let us not forget about Diddy’s girlfriend Kim Porter who had just had a baby the year before. People in glass houses should not throw stones.

  • Anon1

    You could tell she really loved the fairy tale of Bennifer. Like Brangelina. Such relationships never last because they are full of narcissism.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. She needs to get over it. She is with Marc and has 2 cute kids. Jennifer Lopez is 41 years old. Time is moving forward and leaving her behind in a fantasy world in which she wants dwell in. She needs to work on her career and stop talking about Ben.

      • Este

        At least she’s not blaming Ben for her stalled career. He’s such a whiner.

  • melo1983

    What the heck is up with all the 40 page comments!? Jeez, plain and simple, Jennifer is a great woman, actress, singer, mother, etc. And she seemed very open and truthful in the documentary, enough so that I Tivo’d it!

  • Anonymous

    I read an article about this Behind The Music J LO Show. The article basically stated that if J Lo is opening up about Ben. Why isn’t she opening up about all her other relationships? He said he was waiting for all the skeletons to come out of the closet. J Lo will not let her first husband tell his story. Went to court and got a Gag Order to shut him up. That second husband got paid millions to keep quite. The check was sent as soon as he signed the dotted line. Marc’s ex-wife was threaten with a decreased amount for spousal support if she did any interviews. She fought back and said J Lo couldn’t be in contact with her 10 month old (at the time) until he reach the age of 2.
    What truth? It is all one sided. J Lo’s side.

  • Anonymous

    Another thing I find interesting is that she said Marc asked her to marry him in FEBRUARY and she said yes~! Didn’t she break up with Ben that very January? Guess that is the way she gets over a man – just jump in bed with another right away and marry them!

    • Shut up already

      That is right. I don’t by this Heartbreak story. I think Jennifer Lopez misses the Bennifer attention she was getting back then. There could be no Bennifer without Ben. When Ben dumped her the FAIRYTALE ended.

  • Anonymous

    I beg to differ, Bennifer and Marc and Jennifer are not like Brangelina. While Brangelina are very public when it comes to red carpets, humanitarian work, interviews, they are very, very private when it comes to date night, or their family vacations. You will only hear that Brad and Angelina were here….they tend to have a very private family life.

  • Anonymous

    so true Anon 10:21
    Only the birth of her children brought her out of her emotional void. Wow! That was really demeaning to Marc. I wonder how he feels about this
    Not only that.When she was talking about Diddy being her mentor in the Music biz and knowinig everything about recording and making music..I was like Wow !I guess she forgot her husband is singer and helped her record her last album.I don’t care how much she says that he’s her soul mate.She hardly remembers much less looks in love.Also her Mother talked about all her boyfriends and husbands but didn’t say a word about Marc.They were rumors that she couldn’t stand him .Her silence speaks volumes on of their relationship

  • Anonymous

    wow, that is pretty damn demeaning to marc if she claims to be in that emotional void until she popped his twings out. it doesn’t suprise me though because you can tell when someone love’s another by the way they look at them and you could already tell otherwise. and also how she says it took a while to get over Ben but yet she was with marc weeks after and married she was still in love with Ben all along. but if it is demeaning to marc who cares because he’s a cheater and liar to his other wife too!!!

  • Mira

    Jump’m shocked! Anyone ever see the entire interview? All use some phrases out of context. And when finally someone will remember that Marc and Dayanara became independent in October 2003. Yes, their divorce finalized in June 2004, but they were already separated. If anyone will remember that Marc and Dayanara had divided first in 2002. Marc is not unfaithful!! Jennifer speaks to Ben, because always ask her for Ben!! In the same interview, she said that with Marc has a strong chemistry between them. People SHE is a fan of MARC even before they know personally. The truth is that they met when SHE went to see him behind the stage at one of his performances. She is almost at every his concert BEFORE start everything.
    They were together for SIX years! Three of them without children! If what you say was true long before to be devided! As is clear from her biography, Jennifer does not tolerate long to maintain her illusions. She is very passionate and real person. Marc too. And this is something that Ben is not.
    Jump is amazing how all using only part of the facts and inventing something which naming only remaining truth.

  • cece

    Marc should have never remarried Dayanara the second time. He was the one that pursued her to get back together. Dayanara probably had distrust issues with Marc after he cheated on her during their first marriage. Most people agreed that they should get a second divorce after the (Court ordered DNA test concerning the waitress baby/ Marc found not the father). It is the way in which Marc disrespected Dayanara by not taking the time to work out all the details of the divorce in a way that made sure their two small kids would be totally cared for. The whole process was rushed and Dayanara was threaten not to do interviews exposing the way she was being treated. Dayanara wanted the divorce. She no longer trusted Marc. It is the way he disposed of his family so quickly in order to marry Jennifer Lopez that makes him look shady. Yes they where separated. But Dayanara had just had a baby and the details of a divorce had to wait until she was ready. Marc used that time to pursue Jennifer Lopez instead of speaking and working out details with Dayarana.

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