Kelsey Grammer Didn’t Call Kids On Father’s Day

Kelsey Grammer Didn't Call Kids On Father's Day

Kelsey Grammer‘s wife, Camille Grammer made headlines last week when she filed for divorce from the former Cheers actor. Kelsey posted a series of messages on Twitter, asking fans to respect his wife and children, 8 year old Mason Olivia and 5 year old Jude Gordon.

It’s being reported that Camille had enough when Kelsey, who is currently in New York City, acting on Broadway in La Cage aux Folles , did not call the kids on Father’s Day. While Kelsey would travel to Los Angeles to visit his family, sources say “Kelsey loved New York, his friends and his freedom more than his marriage.”

Camille is seeking custody of the children and spousal support. This was her first marriage, and the third for Kelsey.

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  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t the kids have called HIM on Father’s Day??

    • Anonymous

      Lol that was exactly the comment I was going to post!

      • ivy2

        me too :)

    • Scarlett

      LOL This is exactly what I was going to post! When kids are that small its normally the mother that would make the call for them.

  • hopeso

    i dont know who is more stupid her for making the comment or you for posting it…Father’s Day, shouldn’t they be the ones to call their father? and if they didn’t do it shouldn’t their mother tell them to call him ?

  • Anonymous

    exactly what i was coming to comment on as well – when kids are that young, the mother has the kids call the father!! what a joke-

  • Anonymous

    Camille sounds like an idiot!

  • mslewis

    I don’t actually think Camille made any comment. If you will read what was written . . . “it was reported” by TMZ that she was angry that he didn’t call. TMZ never said Camille told them. In fact, she has said nothing about the divorce. I think it’s wrong to call her “an idiot” or other names based on a tabloid report.

    Also, Kelsey is the one who has been married three times. Whose the idiot then?

  • klutzy_girl

    Kelsey addresses things here:,,20399591,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

    And why is Kelsey an idiot? The man’s had problems over the years. I’m not surprised because of all the tragedy surrounding him when he was younger.

  • Allejandra

    Exactly. Why didn’t the kids call him? He’s not THEIR father.

    • klutzy_girl

      Wait, what? Did you just say he’s not their father? Because they used a surrogate, and unless someone else’s sperm was involved, he’s definitely the father.

  • Cindy

    Agree…I’m sure there are bigger reasons she filed for divorce…but the Father’s Day thing is silly. She should have had the kids call him.

  • Shirilicious

    Ridiculous! But glad to see everybody commenting that it should have been the kids calling the father not vice versa. And yes, this actually throws a bad light on his soon to be ex-wife, not him.

  • Anonymous

    Other reports say that he had shows all day on Father’s Day. It was probably just their routine for Kelsey to call because the family didn’t know when he would be able to talk.

  • LyricsRme1

    Sorry to hear about Kelsey’s troubles, but I hope they had other problems besides the missed phone call (which the mother should have called him FOR them btw) because otherwise, it looks like she’s looking for an excuse to end the marriage.

  • Palu Watson

    Interesting. I always thought Kelsey cared a great deal about the whales, but I guess that’s not the case.

  • Paul Watson

    Interesting. I thought Kelsey cared a great deal about the whales, but I guess that’s not the case. Still, you know, does it matter who calls who? For my part, I give Kelsey the benefit of the doubt.

  • Camille Grammar

    In this case, I have to agree with myself. He should have called the kids. There’s no excuse for either doing it or not doing it. Well, I’m off to the mansion to see if I can crash one of Hef’s parties. That drives Kelsey bonkers.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the kids DID call him, and he never called them back.
    It’s Father’s day. If you are the father of young children you reach out to THEM. You don’t wait for them to call you and if they don’t figure oh well, “it’s on them”.

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