Sheryl Crow: “I Always Knew I Wanted To Be A Mom”

Sheryl Crow: "I Always Knew I Wanted To Be A Mom"

She’s got a new album, she’s touring the country, and she’s now the mother of two little boys. Sheryl Crow graces the August cover of REDBOOK and opens up about her battle with breast cancer, her celeb mommy friends and the recent adoption of her second son, Levi James.

On adopting Levi: “It’s been in the works for a while. I was hoping to adopt a child when Wyatt was 2; a lot of the adoptions fell through. But things always work out perfectly. They just do. Generally, when you let go of your vision of how something is supposed to be, the universe hands you exactly what you need.”

On being mom to Wyatt, 3, and Levi, 2 months: “I always knew I wanted to be a mom; it was just a matter of when. I’d just been through a pretty painful breakup where there were kids involved, and I’d also been through breast cancer treatment. After that, I felt an acute sense of urgency about how I wanted my life to feel. Since I wasn’t married, my idea of what the picture was supposed to look like no longer served any great purpose. So I started doing an adoption ‘home study,’ which means you fill out the paperwork, get certified in infant CPR. The idea was, if the opportunity came, I would be ready.”

On her celebrity mommy friends: “I’ve got great mommy friends. Here in Nashville, it’s Kim Williams-Paisley, Nicole Kidman, and another friend, Tracie Hamilton. They’ve been a wonderful resource for me. We get together at each other’s homes, make dinner, and have girls’ nights in. Or we’ll go out for dinner and a drink–though we’re mommies, so we don’t let it all hang out. We’ve had good conversations about vaccinations, child-rearing, the ‘terrible twos!’ Luckily, Wyatt’s past the ‘terrible twos’ now, which is great.”

On her battle with breast cancer: “It changed me in almost every way. It rebooted my sense of what was important. I learned to take care of myself emotionally, putting myself first and allowing other people to take care of me as well. It’s great to be a strong woman, but when you’re never allowing your needs to be met, or even heard, it catches up to you.”

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Photo credit: Gilles Bensimon for REDBOOK

  • Anonymous

    Love Sheryl Crowe! Beautiful and real woman! I am sure she is a great mom.

  • Anonymous

    I love her also. So happy she has her two boys. Wyatt is adorable and can’t wait to see him with his new brother.

  • Anonymous

    classy woman with great strength! love her!

  • Anonymous

    Sheryl seems like a great person and a great mother!

  • Anonymous

    How wonderful that she’s a great person and mother, however, MILLIONS of families would love to have one child, let alone two, we just can’t all afford to buy them.

    • Anonymous

      Wow. You aren’t buying them like a pack of gum. How insensitive. You don’t need to be a millionaire to adopt two children. My sister has 3 and she is as middle class as they come.

  • Anon1

    Happy for her. Lance Armstrong was such a douche. Happy she got back her sense of self worth.

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  • Anonymous

    I always love Sheryl Crow and I love it when she has a child. Go forward Sheryl, I will pray that you will have children in the future. I know that she will become a good mom and wife :)
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