Belinda Carlisle Admits To Drinking During Pregnancy

Belinda Carlisle Admits To Drinking During Pregnancy

Belinda Carlisle made history as the lead singer of one of the most successful bands of the 80’s, The Go-Go’s. She followed up this success with a string of hits and an equally impressive solo career.

In her autobiography, Lips Unsealed: A Memoir Living, Carlisle opens up about the insecurities living in Hollywood brought her, and how it lead her down a dark path of alcohol, and drug abuse. In an interview with Pop Tart to discuss the book, Carlise opens up about her husband who has stood by her since 1986, Morgan Mason, and drinking everyday while pregnant with son James Duke, 18.

On others seeing her drink while pregnant: “I didn’t notice and I didn’t pay attention. I only noticed what I cared to notice. I didn’t really pay attention to what other people said.”

On her supportive husband of 24 years: “He’s a very evolved person and under all that, he always saw the person that he loved. He saw this divine person through all the crap. We also had a son together and [didn’t want to put him through divorce.]”

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  • Anonymous

    Sigh…Who cares? I don’t think you are brave or smart; just another self centered singer.

  • Anonymous

    So, what, are we supposed to congratulate her? Or??

  • Allejandra

    Okay but she didn’t say whether her son has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or not. If you’re going to start a story, finish it!

  • Anonymous

    aren’t we a bunch of mean uncompassionate people she said that she was self-centered that is what addiction does. Thank God her son is healthy judge not or you will be judged.

  • Anonymous

    i agree. completely selfish.

  • Fast40

    It takes a whole lot of nerve to come out and admit to having put your unborn child at risk for FAS and other anomalies. At best, about all she could expect were ridicule and criticism, but maybe it’s what she needed to ease any guilt she may have been dealing with, even if her child has been unaffected by defects. Her current level of stardom allows her to say things like this and get very little press coverage. Were a current “A list” celebrity to say something like this, the press would have a field day. 25-30 years ago these types of revelations might possibly have ruined her career.

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