Brian McKnight Is Not The Daddy!

Brian McKnight Is Not The Daddy!

Brian McKnight is not the daddy of a 14-year-old boy who lives in Florida, TMZ reports.

Last year the boy’s mother sued the R&B artist, claiming he was responsible for $341,640 in back child support payments.

When the singer didn’t respond to her lawsuit, the judge issued a default judgement against him stating he had to pay up. But now that McKnight has taken a DNA test proving he’s no longer responsible, the judge has tossed the case out.

Brian and his ex-wife are parents to sons Brian Jr., 19, and Niko, 17.

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  • Just like every family

    This is the second one the first was the soccer player is so simple isn’t
    it to go to court and demand back pay…!! child support when the child
    isn’t even his..!! It should be a law that the mother has to prove to the
    court that she was with him at the time the child was conceived..
    Why wait 14 years later for back pay.. why not when the child was born..

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