Meet Kate Beckinsale’s New Addition

Kate Beckinsale And Her Daughter Walk Dog

Kate Beckinsale has added a new member to her family. The actress along with her husband Len Wiseman and daughter Lily were spotted purchasing a dog at a pet store in Brentwood, California on Saturday (July 31).

Kate and Lily, 11, took turns walking their new furry friend while Len looked on.

Get ready for some new fashionable looks from Kate. Her new stylist is Rachel Zoe’s former assistant Taylor Jacobson!

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Photo credit: Fame Pictures

  • Ainslee

    At least they’ll have each other for company now when she leaves them alone in a car for hours while shopping.

    • Anonymous

      In California you can take dogs almost anywhere. I’ve seen Golden Retrievers in Nordstrom. Why would she leave them in the car? California is very dog friendly.

  • Haydée

    Something about this woman makes me sad. She looks deeply unhappy. Judging by some of the things she said, me thinks she had and still has an eating disorder. Poor woman.

    • Ingrid

      Oh, honey, she is much happier than you and that is what annoys you. Go have another twinkie. Oh, and about the mutt she has had the mutt for a while it isn’t new.

    • abby

      haydee, she’s talked about having an eating disorder in college.

  • Deb

    I wish she would have adopted from a shelter!!

  • dholmas

    Adoption is the way to go. Stop the puppy mills and the high prices they charge for a dog.

  • joe

    “She looks deeply unhappy.”

    So you came to that conclusion based on a few pics? LOL! As for the dog, that’s not a new dog, and she didn’t buy it at that pet store in the pics. She has had that dog for a while now. Do some research please.

  • Anonymous

    Why should she adopt from a are you going to tell people to
    adopt babies instead of having their own..!!! She has had this dog for a
    while.. Her daughter looks exactly like her dad..!!Kate does not look sad
    at all…She became famous from Pearl Harbor than did Serendipity…and
    met Len Wiseman and did 3 vampire movies..

    • jen

      She does look unhappy, on all pictures I have seen. And she even sounds sad in her interviews. You can be famous and married and still be unhappy, as new as this might sound to you…

      • Kate

        You sound very unhappy Jen. You poor thing. Maybe you should get off the internet for a while, you know, and live a life?

  • kelstar

    Agree with above comments – I think this is the dog she dangled in the air by its leash a while back (and was photographed doing so). And agree that we all should be adopting dogs from shelters – there are so many wonderful animals who need a good home.

  • Kaz

    I love dog

  • Anonymous

    Dogs are much better than humans. More fun, less trouble and much much more appreciative. Always adopt and spay/neuter.

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