Sacha Baron Cohen Buys Mansion For Expanding Family

Sacha Baron Cohen Buys Mansion For Expanding Family

Sacha Baron Cohen
has purchased a new family home in Los Angeles’ Lauren Canyon district.

The comic actor and his wife Isla Fisher have put their current home on the market because they are tired of tourists, fans and photographers waiting outside their home everyday.

An insider reveals, “You can look out of the bedroom window and see fans waiting there, right on the street. Sacha and Isla decided it was time to move up, particularly as their family is expanding.”

The new mansion is worth around $19 million, with seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a guest house, a swimming pool, cinema, spa and gym.

The new place sounds like it will be plenty of room for their two-year-old daughter Olive to run around in. Isla’s due date is unknown but it looks like the baby will be arriving very soon.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Tif

    Bahahahah!! Looks like Olive has her parents sence of humor! Love it!

  2. CMC

    Olive in the stroller is hilarious!

  3. Anonymous

    Isla is a gorgeous woman!

  4. Anonymous

    Hi, it’s Laurel Canyon not Lauren :)


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