Thomas Beatie Welcomes Baby No. 3!

Thomas Beatie Welcomes Baby No. 3!

Thomas Beatie – who the media has labeled as the ‘pregnant man’ – and his wife Nancy have welcomed their third child, RadarOnline reports.

A source close to the family reveals that it’s another boy for the Beaties:

“He’s got light brown hair and blue eyes. He’s very handsome and adorable, and he’s big and healthy,” revealed the source, who added that Beatie was only in the hospital on Sunday, July 25 for 24 hours before he was discharged.

The baby came so quickly, Thomas almost didn’t make it to the hospital. “It was a very quick labor. He nearly didn’t make it to the hospital and almost had him in the car!” the source revealed.

“With their first child, Susan, Thomas was in the hospital for four days, and the next time with Austin he was there for two days,” the source said of Thomas’ stay at the Oregon hospital where he gave birth to all three of his children naturally. “This time, their son was completely healthy so there was no reason to stay longer.”

Thomas and Nancy are already parents to daughter Susan, 2, and son Austin, 1.

Thomas, 35, was born a woman and had his breasts surgically removed. He legally changed his gender from female to male. Thomas said that he retained his female sex organs because he intended one day to get pregnant. Nancy, 46, is unable to have children because of a hysterectomy.

Congratulations to the Beatie family!

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  • Anonymous

    If you have your female organs and can have a uterus and give birth you
    are a female…!!! with outside of a male..!!! So wippee..

  • Anonymous

    I can’t think why he/she would want to do this except for the attention. And the $ of course..

    • Anonymous

      Why would they want to do this? I don’t know, why does anyone want to have children? Is it that inconceivable that these two people wanted to be parents just like everyone else in the world?

  • Anonymous

    This is so sick!

  • Anonymous

    That’s great -a baby is a blessing. But just cause he can have a child does he need to keep doing it??!!

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t realize we lived in China where everyone was only allowed one child. Why is it so shocking that they would want several children?

  • Anonymous

    I am transgender and I think it wrong. you can’t have the be male and having a baby too. I know that I am male and with that I know that I can never have a baby nor do I want to have a baby. I feel that he is going to make it hard for other to change their gender.

  • katie

    The term “pregnant man” is so misleading. I’m dumbfounded that a transgendered person wanting to live life as man has done *the* most womanly, feminine thing possible…becoming pregnant and giving birth. WTH?

  • Cabos

    Congrats, but i hope that doesn’t mean another Oprah show.

  • LaKesha

    Each of us makes decisions in our lives that shouldn’t be left to others. Take care of your family and let him take care of his.

  • Jules

    if he was really doing this for attention and money they would have sold the baby pictures of their second child and probably would have done some television interviews. i mean, maybe i’ve been living under a rock or something, but i had no idea they even had a second child.

    i’m very happy for this family. congrats to them!

  • Torrie

    I’m pretty sure that by now magazines and tv shows are no longer interested in this “Publicity Hound”! I just hope she/he just goes quietly away, and that the kid’s will grow up to be healthy, happy ,”sexually un-confused” adults.

  • HLBronson

    I’m truly baffled by this story. Isn’t the reason that most transgender people decide to change genders because they truly feel within their heart that they should have been born the other gender? If he truly believed he was supposed to be born a man, then he should have known that men don’t have babies.
    On the other hand, I believe that everyone who has the ability to carry a baby and experience pregnancy/childbirth should have the opportunity to do so. It’s such an amazing experience and I wouldn’t never want to take that away from anyone.
    In the end, congrats to the family on their newest bundle of joy.

    • Anonymous

      Gender identity is what gender you feel that you are, regardless of what parts you were born with. It has nothing to do with the desire to be a parent, and in any case, most people want to be parents regardless of what gender they are (in fact, I know of many instances where men have said they would carry a child if they were biologically capable of doing so). In the case of this couple, Thomas is the only one still biologically capable of carrying a baby, so that’s how they decided to have children.

      As for the media referring to him as “pregnant man”, I agree that it’s kind of silly. It’s one thing to recognize and treat him as a man, but scientifically, there is absolutely nothing notable about this. He was born female with female organs, and can carry a baby just like any other person who was born female.

  • Anonymous

    its a woman with an identity issue.

  • Jason


    • Anonymous

      I totally agree. SHE is not a man. SHE is a woman who had her breast surgically removed and who changed HER name. It’s so ridiculous. Call it what it is. I don’t care what she does with her life, I just think it’s do ridiculous to keep calling her a man. I mean even Oprah when for the hype. Geez.

  • Anonymous

    These children are obviously so loved and very much wanted. I am happy for the couple! But I see them as being a lesbian couple…..not a mother and father….but two mothers.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with many of your comments. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t self identify as a man and then decide to have children just because it’s convenient for you. Why not do what heterosexual couples who cannot have children do? Why not adopt? I believe that each person has the right to choose their gender. But if you identify as a male, then you have to behave as a male. Men do not have children. If you choose to have children, then you are a woman and involved in a lesbian relationship. Simply removing your breasts does not make you a man. If you have a vagina, then you are a woman. Just as women who undergo hysterectomies are still women. I understand that many transgendered women choose to keep their vaginas because of the difficulty of crafting a penis from a vagina but it’s not ok to claim to be a man if you want all of the benefits of being a woman-namely childbirth.

  • Akh

    Bottom line, this is a woman having a child, nothing news about it, just because she happens to be living as a man doesn’t change the fact that she is a woman. Let’s wait until they perfect and ACTUAL male pregnancy to make a big deal out of it. I mean, do we make a huge deal out of gay couples adopting babies or getting artificial insemination? No! So what is so special about this couple? Why is our society obsessed with people who have babies? It happens every day, it’s not a miracle!! UGH!

  • Anonymous

    I think that the most important thing is that they are happy together and their children will be love! We can not judge the people who are in love.

  • Anonymous

    Many men whose wives are infertile would have the baby themselves if they physically could. Thomas Beatie is just like them but, lucky for him, he IS physically able to have a baby. How does that make him ‘not a man’ or a ‘man trying to have it both ways’? He’s simply a man who wanted a family and did what he could to make that happen. Just because someone identifies as a man doesn’t mean that they have to do everything ‘like a man’ no matter what – neither Thomas Beatie nor any other man have to conform rigidly to what people expect of them because of their gender.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to your beautiful family, you overcame barriers most of us can’t fathom. I’d like to think that in this beautiful country of ours, the wellbeing of your children comes first regardless who carried them.
    You are an inspiration. Thank you and best wishes to all of you.

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