Mark Wahlberg’s Son Attacked By Octopus

Mark Wahlberg's Son Attacked By Octopus

Actor Mark Wahlberg may be filing suit against the Sea Life Aquarium in Carlsbad, Calif. after an octopus attacked his eldest son.

The scary event occurred while Mark and his family – including wife Rhea Durham and their four children, Ella Rae, 7, Michael, 4, Brendon, 1 ½, and Grace, 6-months – were visiting the public aquarium during their holiday together.

“We have a tour guide so she’s like, ‘You have a special treat today, we’ll be able to take you behind the tank and you’ll be able to see the octopus,’” Mark explained to David Letterman on his show Thursday night (August 5). “So this woman pulls out this gigantic octopus, the thing latches on to my son’s arm. It’s got my wife, (it’s) wrapped completely around the lady, and another guy’s just standing there. They can’t get this octopus off.”

My son is freaking out but no sound is coming out of his mouth. So finally we rip the thing off of him. He’s got all these suction marks that look like about 30 little hickeys (bruises). The lady can’t get out, she’s yelling for help… He (the aquarium manager) said it’s never been that aggressive.

Though the audience laughed during the 39-year-old star’s dramatic recollection of the incident, Mark admitted he’s considering taking legal action.

“We haven’t filed yet but if you could recommend a good lawyer… Once the woman who handles the octopus starts freaking out I knew there was a problem. She couldn’t even get away from the thing. She had to have help come running in. Once I got my kid out of there I said, ‘Let’s go!’ I left the lady there. That’s her problem.”

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  1. Mina

    “She couldn’t even get away from the thing. She had to have help come running in. Once I got my kid out of there I said, ‘Let’s go!’ I left the lady there. That’s her problem.”

    WHAT? She was just trying to be nice, for God’s sake.

  2. Anna

    He just left the women in the grip of the octopus? Wow, that is not ok.
    It sounds like he was kidding about filing a suit and I hope I’m right. Sometimes accidents happen, accept it and move on.

  3. Anonymous

    “That’s her problem.” Nice attitude, asshole.

    • Janna

      Obviously, you didn’t *see* him telling the story, otherwise you’d realize how comically he was telling it. I wouldn’t be so quick to call someone you don’t know, an asshole.

      Just goes to show you how different things are in print instead of real life.

  4. Anonymous

    Guys, he was telling a silly story to Dave Letterman and having fun with embellishments. Clearly he was joking. Based on the “facts” in the story, I can imagine that the whole thing was embarrassing for the aquarium workers and more than a little comical. I’m betting it was awkward, at the very worst, but not dangerous for anyone involved.

    I highly doubt that this woman was engulfed in the tentacles of a huge sea monster, unable to breathe while an aquarium manager stands by watching in horror, as Mark and his family flee the scene.

    Really, you all watch too many cartoons if this is the image you have in your head. :)

  5. Anonymous

    It was an unfortunate accident-i hope he doesn’t sue.


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