Teresa Giudice Dishes On Her Girls

Teresa Giudice Dishes On Her Girls

Like mother, like daughter.

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice says her gaggle of girls – Gia, 9, Gabriella, 6, Milania, 5 and Audriana, 11 months – want to be just like mom, even when it comes to wearing make-up.

“They see their mommy doing it and they want to do whatever mommy does,” Teresa tells US.

The youngest of the bunch, baby Audriana is likely not yet asking for lipstick, but Teresa reveals that she takes after mom in other ways.

“She’s laughing, she’s such a happy baby! She takes after her mom and dad because I think we’re both real easy goin,'” she says. “She’s clapping, she’s starting to wave, she’s sitting up.”

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  • E

    HA! I actually just watched the most recent real housewives of NJ with the Italy trip and my god I wanted to SMACK her 1 girl who kept screaming “i dont want it!” at her own birthday cake.. Her girls are trolls and need a good discipline session before they should start wearing make up (though it couldn’t hurt them considering they’re rather unfortunate looking!).. I am embarrassed to be from the same area as them

  • Anonymouse

    My god that is one ugly woman.

  • MOM of 2

    She is so Fake.Go pay your bills.

  • Anonymous

    She is disgusting! Go pay your bills you fake!

  • Sophia

    Easygoing?? Ahem, is she aware that she screamed, overturned a table and had to be restrained on TV? Euh, this woman is such a bore and a phoney.

  • Ang


  • Anonymous

    She is hideous and her kids look just like her. Given her husband is no looker either, these two should have thought of the gene pool they were passing on before procreating. Not to mention there is obviously a lack of intellectual ability on both of their parts as well. ISH!

  • Anonymous

    These two are grifters. Common gypsies. They own properties in East Orange, NJ (very poor and high crime area of NJ) which I suspect are Section 8 housing. They are so shaddy. They were living in a million dollar mansion while denying their low-income tenants basic utilies. Seriously, how many peices of costume jewelry and faux fur coats does one person need.

  • Lioness

    Teresa isn’t ugly, I think she’s not bad-looking at all… she just has a really, REALLY short forehead. Like, the shortest forehead I have ever seen on a person, lol. And her kids don’t have that, they’re really cute, you guys, cmon… they may not be very well-behaved, but they are cute nonetheless. Besides, their behavior isn’t exactly their fault- Teresa and her husband spoil them rotten. It will be them who has to reap what they’ve sown- not us. Despite my previous misgivings about Teresa, I actually find her kind of endearing. She just seems like a girl who isn’t afraid of confrontation, and I’d take her over the smile-in-your-face-talk-behind-your-back, or make-subversive-catty-remarks passive-aggressive bunch any day of the WEEK. She doesn’t seem to hide who she is, for better or for worse- and I can respect that.

  • Anonymous

    Nice try. Her kids are hideous. They just look weird –they remind me of mr. potato head. It’s like a bunch of features that when looked at separately are fine. But look weird when put together. lol.

  • Anonymous

    Her dogs are just like my dogs! True….I put my make up on, they want it too!

    On the view, Joy whispered to Bryant Gumbel that Joe is a slum lord.
    I wonder why Caroline didn’t have an investigator check up on the Guidices?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, you guys are mean. To call a child ugly??? Seriously? I wonder what you guys and your children look like!!!

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