Ali Larter’s Seeing Blue!

Ali Larter's Seeing Blue!

Just a month after the Heroes star announced her pregnancy, Star Magazine has revealed that Ali Larter and husband Hayes MacArthur are expecting a baby boy!

“Ali is thrill to pieces,” says an insider. “She has always wanted a baby boy and can’t wait to bring him into this world. Obviously, Ali and Hayes would have been excited with either sex but a boy for their first just feels right.”

According to the source, the soon-to-be mom – who is currently 6-months pregnant – has been preparing for her son’s impending arrival by “buying lots of clothes in every shade of blue”.

“She’s also had to do a lot of shopping for herself,” continues the source. “As she can’t fit into any of her old clothes.”

“It’s going to be a big baby boy, that’s for sure!”

Hayes and Ali, whose latest flick Resident Evil: Afterlife is set to hit theatres in September, recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

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  • Anonymous

    The “get the look” popup on every picture is really annoying.

    • mhm90


    • Shirilicious

      I third that, but it seems to be gone now, thankfully.

  • Anonymous

    Is Star Magazine a reliable source? I mean, is it worth quoting anything they publish as a “fact” or news item??

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. I never understood why this site always publishes info from “star” & other tabloids as certain facts. But it’s amusing when there wrong. I remember when Ashlee Simpson was pregnant & CBS quoted “star” saying she was having a girl, WRONG.

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