Cheryl Hines Teaches Daughter To Have School Pride

Cheryl Hines Teaches Daughter To Have School Pride

Cheryl Hines keeps us cracking up as Larry David’s wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm. The mom-of-one opened up to Breezy Mama about how her new reality TV show School Pride has positively affected her 6-year-old daughter Catherine, and her Curb plans this coming season.

On her new reality show, School Pride, which renovates and restores aging schools: “When you go into a classroom and you paint the walls and scrub the floor and you see a difference… You see the teacher walk in or the teacher is there with you – but you actually see the difference… you see the kids come in and feel good…”

On how the show has affected her daughter: “This is what she thinks life is all about – on the weekends, go out and help somebody. Every once in a while, she’ll ask, ‘Why are we going to someone else’s school?’”

On if she’ll be on Curb this coming season: “Yes. I will be a part of the new season.”

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