Katie Holmes & Her Toronto Tot

Katie Holmes & Her Toronto Tot

Dawson’s Creek alum Katie Holmes took her daughter Suri and step-daughter Bella, 17, to Toronto Island and Centreville Amusement Park in Toronto, Ontario on Saturday (August 21). Katie held onto Suri’s blanket while the adorable 4-year-old carried a stuffed animal during their travels.

Papa Tom Cruise was not spotted with the mother-daughter duo.

Katie is portraying Jacqueline Kennedy in The Kennedys alongside Greg Kinnear as President John F. Kennedy. The miniseries is being filmed in Toronto and will hit the small screen in 2011.

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Photo credit: INFdaily.com

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow…I remember Centreville from when I was a kid! Hope Suri had a good time- she’s the perfect age for Centreville because everything’s catered to that age group. Katie looks exhausted though…

    • mel

      yes katie looks very tired she must be working hard

  • Prestonscutiepie

    Katie should take her to Casa Loma that place is awesome,she does look tired,I like her boots though!

  • Anonymous

    is that isabella in the background?

    • JewelJul

      Yes, it’s Isabella there

  • Anonymous

    They both look so miserable. Katie looks like death walking. Her skin is so gray and dull. She must be working long hours on her new film.

  • morgane

    Suri looks very thin

  • Anonymous

    Is Isabelle required to walk 30 feet behind Princess Suri at all times?

  • Anonymous

    It’s too bad the parents let her wear high heels and makeup, because she’s so cute with out it.

  • ABEE

    YES IT IS PROTOCAL FOR THE PRINCESS I said it before and I will say it again
    once a couple has their own child they do not care about the adopted kids
    neither one…Conner included… and Isebella is not really wanted by either
    parent..!!! When was the last time you saw Isebella and Conner with
    Nicole and Keith… and their step sister Sunday Rose ….Really Tom some
    family unit you have there…Out of Kate and Suri’s pix is how she likes it..
    Kate never really wanted to have the rest of the family with her…

    • Cabos

      As far as i know, Tom Cruise has full custody of Isabella and Connor. It wasn’t Nicole’s call.

      • Anonymous

        No, officially Tom and Nicole have joint custody. According to Nicole, the kids prefer L.A. over Nashville, which is why the live with Tom. I saw photos on another site of Bella laughing with Katie and Suri, but I don’t think it’s that weird for teenagers to walk behind their family.

  • Victoria

    Katie does look exhausted, Suri looks so cute, and most teenagers do not want to be walking with their parents or little siblings.

  • Anonymous

    i was there and about 4 ft away from them!!

  • Michael

    I’m the guy in the blue t-shirt behind her taking photos as they walked off the boat. Mommy does look tired, but who wouldn’t after a day at Centreville. It was a complete surprise to see them. Thanks for the photos.

  • mel

    look at this picture.. the way katie treats isabella is so wrong. she treats her like hired help to carry the bags

  • Anonymous

    couldn’t anyone have told katie there was a kat stuck on the top of her head?

    • Anonymous

      cat, i mean

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