Jason Bateman Is A Goofy Dad

Jason Bateman Is A Goofy Dad

Jason Bateman and his 3-year-old daughter Francesca - one of Hollywood’s cutest father-daughter pairs – spend quality time together over tea parties.

The 41-year-old star of The Switch tells Hello! Canada that despite his high profile career, he and his wife Amanda Anka and their beautiful girl are actually homebodies.

“I’m 90. I will be in my pyjamas literally in 30 minutes. Truly. That’s not a joke. We’re quite old. We love our house. Our kid doesn’t really like to drink or dance yet so we stay home, play a lot of games and watch TV and run around and be goofy.”

What kind of games? “Tea parties,” Jason reveals, adding, “My daughter loves it when I put a doll of hers on anything at any height and then balance her in such a way so that in three or four seconds it will fall off and hit the ground. I Hope that’s not a signof things to come, but right now, it makes her laugh. I just try to find dumb things like that.”

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  1. Anonymous

    We all know Francesca is adorable but she is just so effortless in front of the camera..she is reallyshutting it downfor all the other tots!! She and August Herman has this thing on lock!!

  2. Anonymous

    She is beautiful!

  3. Anonymous

    Thank god she doesn’t look like her mother phew.


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