Teresa Giudice Has Credit Card Limit, Daughters Wear Hand-Me-Downs

Teresa Giudice Has Credit Card Limit, Daughters Wear Hand-Me-Downs

After ten years as the big-spending wife of a successful real estate developer, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice was told by a lawyer that she and her husband, Joe, were $11 million in debt — and needed to file for bankruptcy as soon as possible. “I was humiliated,” she tells In Touch.

Teresa, 37, was also in shock and had no idea they were in so much financial trouble. “Joe thought things were going to get better,” she explains. Her alleged $60,000 spending spree on home furnishings — which reportedly took place right after she and Joe declared bankruptcy — didn’t win her any public sympathy. When Teresa appeared on The View, insisting that she’s now living within her means, Joy Behar replied, “How can you live within your means if you’re now $11 million in bankruptcy?”

These days, Joe has taken control of the finances, doing all the grocery shopping and imposing a limit on Teresa’s credit cards. Joe says, “I want to save more.” While their four girls – Gia, 9, Gabriella, 6, Milania, 5 and Audriana, 1 – used to always have brand new clothes, they now wear each other’s hand-me-downs. “Me and my husband have learned a lot from our mistakes,” Teresa shares, and adds, “It’s brought us closer together.”

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  1. Anonymous

    disgusting pig of a woman! She has a trash mouth. What is up with the wig that she wears? It looks terrible. Her kids are obnoxious spoiled brats!

  2. Anonymous

    I do the same thing when I’m humiliated…I run right out and give an interview to the tabloids, just so everyone will look at me and pay more attention to me in the midst of my humiliation.

  3. mslewis

    Well, she is from New Jersey so humilitation is standard for her!!!

    I wonder how she got a credit card when she just filed bankruptcy? Usually, the Court requests you not get a new card. Guess it’s okay when you’re “famous” and ever so gorgeous like Theresa!!

  4. Anonymous

    She is NOT gorgeous. She is big mouthed, classless, ignorant trash! Her daughters act just like she does!

  5. Anonymous

    i’m pretty sure she spends more than 10,000 a month shopping. cause how else do you have 11 million dollars of debt?

  6. Anonymous

    “Well, she is from New Jersey so humilitation is standard for her!!!”

    I resemble that remark! NJ isn’t head and shoulders above some other states there are very close seconds

  7. Anonymous

    Theresa and family didn’t do anything that a lot of other wannabe millionaires weren’t doing during housing bubble. Sacrafice all for lifestyle cause what would people think? Most people can keep it a secret because they’re not famous

  8. Anonymous

    Teresa is gorgeous??? Are you serious. She’s fat. She has a huge trash mouth. She a psycho and she resembles ET in the eye department.

    If I were Joe. I would kick her rear to the curb. She’s an absolute idiot. Daniel is even better than she is publicly.

  9. Anon for today

    Theresa and her husand are in the crapper in more ways than one. The “nephew” Danielle referred to on the reuinion special is Theresa’s husbands son [love-child] he had with another woman. The reason it took Theresa a second or two to react is because a.)she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed and b.) she didn’t realize, at first, what Danielle was getting at. That’s also why she said, “Do not break up my family.” Her marriage is in trouble, her finances are in trouble, her forehead is in trouble as it appears her hairline is slowly eating it, etc. This inbred loser with the IQ of a Q-tip is going to be a single mother living above the pizza shop in no time.

  10. Anonymous

    Anon for today

    Bravo! That was awsome! Wow what a rant. I’d hate to see you when your mad

  11. Anonymous

    She is a poor excuse for a human being. No class and ignorant. Her voice sounds like fingernails on a chalk board!

  12. Anonymous

    how many hard working honest people are now in financial trouble because of the Guidices.anyone who thinks they are Good People should think again

  13. Anonymous

    She is truly a disgrace! What a pathetic excuse for a woman and a mother. Shameful, in many ways.


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