Guy Ritchie And His Boys: Lunch In London

Guy Ritchie And Boys Do Lunch

Guy Ritchie and his sons Rocco, 10, and David, 4, were snapped having lunch at Wagamamas in London on Wednesday (September 1).

The Sherlock Holmes director had picked the two up at his ex-wife Madonna’s home, giving them kisses each. One of Madonna’s bodyguards then joined them.

The boys have been spending a lot of time with their dad while Madonna films her movie W.E. The night before, they had dinner with Guy and his 28-year-old girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Daphné

    i bet he called the paps -_-

    • Darolo

      He wouldn’t need to call the paps! They’re always in the news when M is in London!!!

      • Darolo

        Sorry, that should gave read ‘ Mews’ not ‘news’! Damned iPhone!!

      • Anonymous

        Yes he would. The paps hardly ever follow him, they follow Madonna all the time. We only see pictures when he calls them when he’s with his kids or making out with his girlfriend.

  • Anonymous

    He seems like a really good dad. It’s always a good thing when divorce parents put the well-being of their children first.

  • Anonymous

    He seems like a very nice person and a great dad! Too bad he was married to that witch Madonna!

    • Anonymous

      He seems them a few times and he’s a great dad, whatever. How is she a witch, she’s always hugging and kissing her kids. The kids are always with her. He also was a jerk to her.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, it should say “He sees them”

  • Anonymous

    that’s sad. Lola won’t to see Guy

    • Anonymous

      How do you know that? Did she tell you that?

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